Writing Feature

Write towards a Better World

As much as I tried, there was absolutely nothing pouring in. See, I have a problem, I want to write, but devoid of inspiration I was staring at a blank page. So I took out my Tab and decided to complain about the difficulty writers face in trying to get an article done.

Many think that writing is a bunch of fancy words put together in strings of sentences, wave a magic wand and there you have it – a story. The stereotypical portrayal of a writer is an artsy eccentric who escapes into his own world and would rather not have much to do with the real one. In all fairness, sometimes it does tend to feel that way.

As a full time profession, it does not pay our bills as much as we would like it to. We need to have a full time job that often requires a hundred percent of our commitment and time, families who require our love and attention, a social life that keeps us from being sucked into black hole like routine. On top of that add there’s our daily commitments and duties that don’t leave us any time for anything else.

In the midst of this roller coaster, we hope that inspiration strikes while waiting at the MRT stations. Let’s face it, unless we actually come up with a JK Rowling or a Mitch Albom like material, or if we have an endorsement or the go ahead from Oprah, most of us stagnate – not moving up as fast as we would like to, and not being able to make it our staple income.

Why do I write?

Writing is a passion that is not limited to monetary gain or publicity. In all it’s forms, writing is a form of self expression. Everyone has a hidden passion and desire that they wish to pursue at some point in their lives. Some make it big, some don’t. Writing is passion. Passion for expression, language, society, and the passion to make the world a better place.

I have this dream, that whatever I do in life, I want to make this world a better place. But I am nothing but a speck of dust on this vast earth, how can I possibly make a difference? Every one of us has our talents, and when nurtured, we can do wonders – a wise person told me that once. I believe in writing. It reaches out to people from around the world. It might not be a feature article, but every article, every story, every sentence, can shed new beads of knowledge to an individual.

Knowledge is power and you gain knowledge through reading and exploring. Every time I read I learn something new, I understand something better, I learn about people, how their brains turn, how they view the world, cultures, life. I learn to respect all aspects of a person, be it from the food they eat, to the clothes they wear, to the way they think, to the society they live in. When we understand each other, aren’t we a step closer to the vision of a peace loving and understanding nation? If so, how can writing be such an irrelevant form of expression? Of course, the idea of Utopia where the world is completely at peace, is quite far fetched, but to me it is a stepping stone towards it.

I have ideas and opinions that want to be heard. The hard fact that I might not make a difference does not deter me. Although small, I take pride in the fact that I am making a difference. Today’s writing can cause quite the controversy. Personal opinions are being made into public statements and carry weight at works and conversations. We share an equal amount of responsibility in shaping our world. This is why I write.

Writing has never been mundane nor easy. It is a passion that requires dedication and commitment. It values integrity and responsibility. It promotes peace, understanding and unity. It is an art, that carries distinct qualities and weight in our world today.

Why do I write? I want to make a change.