Workout or chill-out with the Sony SBH70

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Right Note
Premium look and feel
Impressive battery life
Bad Note
No battery indicator
Lacks punchy bass

With the IP-57 (waterproof) rating, the Sony SBH70 stereo bluetooth headset is the solution to singing (or talking) in the rain – all in a lightweight, flexible, behind-the-neck form factor.

The SBH70 is designed for the physically active folk that love working out in either the gym or outdoors. Want to use it in the rain or accidentally dropped in a puddle? With it’s IP-57 rating, there’s no need to worry if the headset gets wet. No need to worry, they’ll still work fine… just don’t go swimming with them. They’re not rated for underwater use!

With a 125mAh battery, the Sony SBH70 can stream music for up to 6 hours or 8.5 hours of talk time.  The earpieces feature a vented acoustical design that look similar to Apple’s Earpods, but it sound much better. The Highs are nice and the lows are okay. While the bass isn’t as punchy as I would come to expect, thedbut constantly readjusting the earpieces was a thing of the past. It was quite a snug fit.

However it’s maximum volume may not be loud enough for some. At its max, you can still hear the humming of a car’s engine or a train charging down the tracks – maybe Sony meant this as a safety feature… come on now, how many times have heard of people getting into accidents cause they couldn’t hear a thing while listening to music at full volume?


Despite being a wireless headset, Sony managed to include a really good wireless microphone that supports HD voice. HD voice delivers crystal clear audio – that is if your mobile service operator supports it though. Over test calls, while I received no complaints about voice distortion, but there was the rare audio delay.

With NFC, pairing devices is made much more simpler and quicker. Its also has the multipoint feature allowing the SBH70 to connect to more than 1 device at a time.

The control panel has the usual volume, play/pause and power buttons.  However, you’ll immediately realize the lack of a battery level indicator.  In order to know the exact percentage of battery power left, you need to download the SBH70 app, which is only available on the Google play store. Bummer…

But it does notify you if you have a call, message whether or not a device is connected, or if the battery levels are low by simply vibrating.

Having a rubberized surface was also another bonus as it isn’t a magnet for fingerprint marks or dust. Thank god for that matte feel! With a micro USB port you can use any mobile charger out there on this device. And all you need is a 60min chage to last you the day!

Priced at $118 SGD, the Sony SBH70 is a premium headset with sleek look and good build quality. Not bad if you ask me. If you love to exercise and listen to music or love listening to music in the shower, then this headset and you are a match made in heaven.

The Sony SBH70 is compatible with iOS and Android devices.