BREAKING: Wonder Woman Trailer at SDCC

Batman V Superman sucked. Idiotic with no sense of character, story, purpose, or brain cells, its entire defence rests on the shoulders of “oh, Marvel’s way is not the only way.”

Which might be the most idiotic thing I’ve heard since “Man of Steel captures the true Superman.” He watched his father die. Are you an idiot?

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Nevertheless, BVS had three salvaging points: Ben Affleck (no, not Batman–he was an idiot), Jeremy Irons as Alfred (he was the real hero of the movie), and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (the only superhero in the movie and the first decent piece of music for a DC hero since Batman. No no, not 2005, I’m talking about 1989).

Well, given the overrated Dark Knight Trilogy, the dumb as fuck Man of Steel, and the somehow dumber-than-fuck Batman V Superman, and… wait, was there a Green Lantern movie? I can’t recall… anyways, given all of that rubbish, Wonder Woman is really the only DC movie worth looking forward to. And Shazam!, but let’s face it, that’s only ’cause it’s the Rock.

Regardless, this new trailer for Wonder Woman seems to justify our excitement for the movie. Coupled with the absence of Nolan, Goyer, and Snyder, my hope for this movie is actually pretty high.

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And accompanying the trailer is a beautiful poster that has more colours than every frame of The Dark Knight Rises put together.

Wonder Woman Poster


While the fact that this is a DC movie does affect my optimism, I can’t help but feel that for the first time in 11 years, we may be getting a good DC superhero movie.