Healthy Meals that Taste Good @ WHEAT

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The Good
Everything is fresh
One of the healthier but good tasting food options in Singapore
Teriyaki chicken and mashed potatoes was mind blowing
The Bad
Grilled chicken was dry
Lime juice was overpowered by sour plum


Now anyone who remotely knows me knows I love to claim that I’m allergic to vegetables, not that I actually am just that I think most of them taste awful. Which of course in turn makes me avert my attention from any salad or health based food joints. However, Wheat somehow just gets the balance right.

Wheat is a fast service restaurant where you either order from their set menu, where all dishes are below 500 calories, or you can write on the order form provided to build your own meal (this can go above 500 calories) kind of like how Maki-san and Teppei Syokudo are doing their DIY food orders (though Wheat’s DIY option is currently only available at their Marina One outlet).

Wheat promotes healthy eating by providing a variety of healthy food items such as salads, soba, penne or even chopped broccoli and cauliflower as your base ‘carb’ paired along with high protein items such as salmon, chicken, eggs. After sampling a few of their dishes as well as DIY-ing 2 of our own I would say that places like these make eating vegetables a lot more bearable.

Of all the dishes I got to try one thing stood out very clear to me, and that was the freshness of all the ingredients, the broccoli looked as green as it could get, the salmon tasted amazing and the best thing was the mashed potato that was made in-house which tastes miles better than the garbage instant mash that most affordable food establishments use.

Another stand out for me was the Teriyaki Chicken Broccoli & Cauliflower set which honestly surprised me the most as the vegetable base worked well with the avocado, sous vide egg and one of the best teriyaki chickens I’ve had the chicken itself was a game changer as it was crispy and the teriyaki flavour was just right and not to cloying.

Other honourable mentions are their guacamole on bruschetta, slow cooked pork belly that was tender and juicy, as well as gluten-free red rice from Bhutan. (You gluten-free addicts now have a new establishment to eat at!)

I think almost every individual component tasted either great or fantastic, the only one I do have a comment on is their grilled chicken breast which was really dry and not very enjoyable. The other thing I was not too fond of was their lime juice which included 3 sour plums in a small mason jar overpowering the whole drink and I could taste nothing but sour plum… which might be fine for your sour plum fans.

Overall, the $10+ price point is definitely justified with all their fresh ingredients and great tasting food, I do recommend those who are looking for healthier food options as well as others who are like me and don’t enjoy healthy food to give Wheat a shot as I don’t think you’ll have a reason to regret it.

Wheat is now open at 5 Straits View, #B2-33 Marina One The Heart, Singapore

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