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What If… Thor Hadn’t Cleaned His Room?

[SPOILERS] Things would have gotten messy... and they just might anyways.

Well, here it is, the episode that may (not) function as the great connec-thor across the series… we think.

In a reality where Odin (presumably) brokered peace with the Frost Giants, by returning an infant Loki to his tribe, Thor has never needed to temper his zest for life… and partying. Running through his days with party after party, the god of thundering raves is known across the nine realms for his planet-shaking ways. Until he faces the possibility of incurring his mom’s wrath, that is!

What If - Thor Party

While it is a tad concerning that What If…? seems to have dived into the shallower end of the idea pool the last couple of episodes, the ending of this particular episode (and the sheer fun of the near inane action) promises bigger things for the future of the series. After all, if there’s anything to take away from the recent mid-season trailer, it’s that these standalone alternate realities will not be very alone for much longer. For that matter, they may not be standing at all.

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While we’ll refrain from discussing the ending explicitly here, it was clearly of some significance given that the character in question has been teased for some time now, having appeared on the poster for What If…? from back when the series was announced.

With only two more episodes left, and at least one other alternate reality to explore, this week’s episode of What If…? may be that perfect red herring the writers’ clearly intended it to be. And, really, what more could we ask for than a rollercoaster of fun with the Odinson, followed by an ending of dread…

HOWEVER, it does bother me that Captain Marvel was restrained by Mjolnir given that it’s pretty clear Odin had no reason to place the enchantment of worthiness on Thor’s hammer. It’s just a hammer (albeit a very heavy one) in this continuity.