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What If…? Avenges the Undead with Marvel Zombies

What If...? borrows from one of Marvel Comics' best known events!

Marvel Zombies might actually be the most popular Marvel event since the original Secret Wars… it might also be the most overused series since Civil War, but let’s not go there. Nevertheless, given that just the very appearance of a zombified Iron Man in an illusion by Mysterio in Far From Home got fans so excited, it is already an indication of how much fans have been wanting to see this universe on screen.

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It is no surprise. After all Marvel Zombies was penned by The Walking Dead scribe Robert Kirkman, pretty much the prevailing modern-day authority on zombie stories… after Sam Raimi, of course.

What If - Avenging Dead Tony

While this quick visit within the What If…? series may probably be insufficient for fans of the comics it’s based on, it does deliver a strong and concise idea of the potential of an extended visit to this reality. What If…? offers the edge of an emotional, and somehow ethical, complication which allows for an interesting re-treading of the now-iconic events in the MCU.

And, c’mon, who wouldn’t wanna see the Avengers munch on the Silver Surfer and gain some of his Power Cosmic.

Perhaps it’s with this intent, that this episode, like all other What If…? episodes, ends on a note allowing for more expansion. After all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is nothing if not through in its exploration. Even the outrage of fans against Ben Kingsley’s not-The Mandarin didn’t stop them from utilising the character twice more, delivering one of the most fun characters in the MCU.

While there isn’t much to be taken from here beyond the “omg, zombie alternate reality!” there is still much that can be explored in the greater universe if the MCU so dares. Until then, we will always have this bold series which has dared to go where most other superhero shows haven’t…

Also, having Danai Gurira resuming her role as Okoye pretty much seals this as a crossover with The Walking Dead. So, yay!