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What If… Captain Carter was the First Avenger?

[SPOILERS] Marvel's What If...? debuts on Disney+ with a stellar reimagining of one of its most underrated films!

During the later era of the MCU’s Phase 1, Marvel Studios took a step ahead in pleasing audiences with the inclusion of One-Shots in the home media releases for Blu-Ray and digital access. Beginning as cool Easter eggs-driven shorts seeking to either provide just a little extra to the movies we already loved, or to actually add to the widening reality that was the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain CarterOf the five One-Shots released, the fourth and most memorable was one based on Peggy Carter in the days following Steve Rogers’ supposed death. Having joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) following WWII, Peggy’s now relegated to a desk and suffocated by the oppressive rule of her sexist boss, John Flynn–a role Bradley Whtiford resumes in this episode. When the opportunity rises, however, Peggy successfully handles a mission solo, but is reprimanded for it… only to be recruited by Howard Stark to lead the newly formed S.H.I.E.L.D.

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The One-Shot was successful enough to spawn a critically acclaimed but short-lived TV series, Agent Carter, which functioned both as a prequel, and replacement series to the better known Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long, getting nixed following a second season and a total of 18 episodes.
Peggy Carter Captain America
Thankfully, Peggy Carter has been a long favourite among fans, and while she’s been Captain America in the comics already, she has finally hit the screen as Captain Carter, delivering a character for whom fans have long clamoured.

Captain Carter’s journey is obviously different from her comic book counterpart’s, but What If…? offers all the hope that she might be more than just a novelty character confined to this series.

Bring her on, Marvel!

UPDATE: There might be more to the “Champion of HYDRA” than this Captain Carter episode let on… read more at our Doctor Strange Supreme review!