BREAKING: Wally West’s Kid Flash Costume

With the introduction of both Joe West and, long time Flash love-interest, Iris West, it was obvious that the producers of CW’s The Flash would be eventually bringing Wally West, a.k.a. the Kid Flash.

And we weren’t all that far off the mark when Keiynan Lonsdale strolled into town as the estranged brother to Iris in the second season. Beyond that, it was just a waiting game before we saw him don the suit.

While we have been teased with a plausible origin story of sorts already, there’s still quite a bit left to discover in the upcoming third season of the show.

Thankfully, it seems that we won’t have to wait till the season premiere to catch a glimpse of Wally in his red-and-yellow super suit!!

Here it is in all of its flashy glory!

As much as I’ve loved most of the superhero costumes that we have seen on Arrow and The Flash (‘cept for Atom… c’mon, man, stop looking like Kryptonian Iron Man!), it’s always been a sore point for me that the costumes went a little too much by way of being ridiculously darkened.

Arrow mended most of that by changing up his costume at the start of season four (though they also ended up murdering the quality of the show’s latter half… so maybe I shouldn’t be too happy), The Flash has somehow maintained it’s darker-toned costume. Ironic, considering the tones of the respective shows.

Even more odd is that even Firestorm has received a more comics accurate look, and Speedy, while still darker than the comics look, is looking pretty superhero-ish, too. Hell, we even got an awesome looking Jay Garrick!

Regardless, maybe The Flash may see a bit of a wardrobe shake up this season, but till then I’ll be waiting to see Wally in action and if young Jesse Quick gets a suit of her own!