Void by Atlas’ Happy Plugs Go Metallic!

Blurring the line between cutting edge technology and fashion accessory, Atlas’ metallic headphones, the Happy Plugs, have expanded their range of three to include another three more colours… specifically coloured to match the recent tones offered by Apple for their iPhones.

Having already introduced Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold, Atlas is now launching their Happy Plugs in Champagne, Space Grey, and Pink Gold to match the similarly coloured new wave of iPhones… because, let’s face it, our handphones are now as much fashion statements as they are mobile devices.

Available in both Earbud and In-Ear styles, these pieces would set you back by about $39 to $49, depending on your choice of design (the Camo and Leopard print ones cost $10 more).

And to help you further pimp out your iPhone, they also have new slim cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ in the range of Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, and Marble White going at the same price for $39… which is a little steep for what is essentially a thin shell that offers little to no protection to your device.

Nevertheless, the Happy Plugs headphones themselves certainly justify the price if you consider their fashion-friendly stylings alongside their function, then maybe these are just the headphones for you!