Chillin’ Like A Villain: The Pub Crawl

Because heroes clearly have no idea how to have a good time (because they spend their time actually doing good) trust only a true, blue villain to educate you in the finer points of chillin’ like an end-game boss!

Introducing Chillin’ Like A Villain: The Pub Crawl!

Featuring all of the insanity of villainy done with a good measure of fellow rogues and drinks, the Chillin’ Like A Villain pub crawl is a party that every bad guy deserves (and every hero wants to be invited to).

Chillin' Like A Villain

Visit 3 killer pubs and a sindulgent club free of do-gooders while enjoying free shots and specially priced drinks all through the night as you cruise the roads in a TANK! Okay, so no tanks, but we do have a our very own party bus, so that’s pretty much the same thing! (No nuclear warheads included.)

And to make things all the more sinister, turn up in your uniform of evil (or costume, each to his own) and not only get a discounted price but also stand to win a trophy of your sworn nemesis’ head mounted on a wall plaque! (Or a gift card—we’re still working on this.)

So take a break from torturing that self-proclaimed protagonist in spandex and share your exploits with your kin.

Also, recruitment for your very own evil league of evil is encouraged.

Date: 5th September
Time: 1900hrs to Late!
Place: The Fat Pigeon (beside UOB Plaza)
Price: $55 (Group discounts available)

Prizes include t-shirts, collectibles and 2 tickets to the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention! Best Dressed wins $120 (sponsored by Atom Comics, Singapore)!


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