Chillin’ Like A Villain: Part Deux – The Pub Crawl

Last year’s first Chillin’ Like A Villain: The Pub Crawl unleashed madness, murder and mayhem on the streets as we painted the town red!

Chillin’ Like A Villain returns for Part Deux, as the Wicked Wizards – the justsaying.ASIA crew, combines forces with the Masters of the Night(life) – the Singapore Pub Crawl, swearing vengeance on the forces that have sought to keep it at bay for a year! (Okay, so maybe not so much of the murder and mayhem, but madness was certainly in strong supply.)

Welcome to Chillin’ Like A Villain: Part Deux!!

Chillin Like A Villain 2

Join us this year as we inspire fear in the hearts of innocents and terrifying all who would choose to not align themselves to our cause! Or, y’know, just scare them if they aren’t on the crawl with us.

We’ll terrorize 3 lethal bars, across Boat Quay and Club Street, and a straight-up deadly club filled with potential sheep shepherded to their fates at our hands. Enjoy the free shots at each bar and special drink deals as we lord over our bar-sized empires.

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And, of course, be sure to turn up in your uniform of evil (no one calls it costume anymore) and stand a chance to win that trophy of your sworn nemesis’ head mounted on a wall plaque that we promised you last year!! (It’s probably going to be like a pair of headphones dripping with your nemesis’ blood)

So, take a break and steal a Kit-Kat (preferably from a child) and get to planning your night of evil with us! And don’t forget, summon your fellow rogues or maybe have your minions accompany you and unlock even better deals for the evilest (most evil? The Diabolical Institute of Evil was light on the whole academia thing) Pub Crawl ever!!

Date: 24th September
Time: 1900hrs to Late!
Place: The Fat Pigeon by UOB Plaza – 80 Raffles Place, Singapore 048624

Here are some pictures from last year’s Chillin’ Like A Villain: The Pub Crawl when the big bads ruled the night!