Villainous Costumes For Chillin’ Like A Villain

JustSaying.Asia’s second annual Chillin’ Like A Villain pub crawl is less than a month away and the question is: who should you be?!

Villains get the best of everything: they have bangin’ charisma, killer lines, and the most wicked songs. Not to mention, the best damn toys (or, as the heroes would call it, weapons). Nobody knows how to have fun quite like villains do.

We know you’re kinda busy working on your next misdeed though, so here are a couple of sweet and classic villain looks that you can throw together without having to rob a bank… again. Besides, most of the items these looks require are stuff you probably already have in your wardrobe (mostly).

Kingpin/Lex Luthor/Black Mask

If you’re big, tall, and egg-headed, these characters are your perfect fit. Kingpin, Lex Luthor, and Black Mask are three of the easiest, sleekest villain masterminds to dress up as. They’re all men in suits.

If you’re going with Lex Luthor or Black Mask, it’s time to put real use to the black suit at the back of your cupboard that you’ve reserved for meetings. For Black Mask, throw on a black skull mask, along with the suit. You could probably find one on Carousell or at a costume shop.

If you’re with the mighty Kingpin, borrow a girl friend’s brooch (for the top of your tie), grab your grandma’s walking stick and throw on a white suit to complete the iconic look.

Purple is a colour that all three characters seem to have in their wardrobes as well. If you find your purple tie or shirt a tad too flashy for daily wear, now’s a good time to put it to use.

While you’re at it though, consider putting in a little more effort to cosplay The Joker. All you need is white face paint, green hairspray, and red lipstick.



The thought of how to pull off a Medusa costume with minimal effort is one that could leave you stumped for days – like stone…(sorry.) Fret not, dancing the venomous dance of the beautiful, insidious beast only requires very basic material.

Get some cheap plastic snakes from a toy shop and tape them to a hair band. After that, coat the combination with gold-spray paint to achieve Medusa’s gilded snake head look.

To make sure you’ve mastered Medusa’s villainous seduction, think basic regal colours: adorn yourself with darker hues of green, red and gold for makeup/accessories to go with a flowing, sleek dress, for there is none that charms quite like the fascinating eye of the snake. Creepy contact lenses are a plus!

Deathstroke from Arrow

Deathstroke from CW's Arrow
Deathstroke from CW’s Arrow

Let’s get down to real business. This hardcore assassin was arguably one of the best, most bitchin’ parts of the CW series’s second season. Fortunately, the unyielding mercenary requires minimal effort for cosplay that’ll be a decently accurate shot.

All you need is a grey jumpsuit, that you can easily find at DIY shops or Mustafa, and a black camera/equipment vest (or a black foam cut-out) that will easily double up as a bulletproof vest.

To make sure your attempt makes a critical strike, weapons are a must. Toys that have been sprayed black work well – handgun on your belt, and a rifle and sword to form a cross on your back. For a sure one-hit fatality, put on pair of black boots, your black lifting gloves, and a cloth or patch to go over your eye.

If you want to attempt something similar that’s on Marvel side of things, give the Winter Soldier a shot. Making a metal arm may be a task that challenges the toughest of villains, but if you’ve got a little time on your hands, there are many tutorials on Youtube that can be of help.


T-800 and T-888
T-800 and T-888

Dress up doesn’t get easier than this. If you’re really short on time, consider donning the appearance of these terrifying, artificially intelligent cyborg assassins – the T-800, or the lesser known Cameron from the Sarah Connor Chronicles, T-888. The only thing that would have made this cosplay difficult would have been the need for synthetic human skin, which i’m assuming most of us don’t need (unless you have metal parts, which is rad!).

Whether you’re male or female, all you need to play a Terminator is your trusty black leather jacket, a black t-shirt or tank top, black jeans or pants (leather and the occasional rip is a plus), and high-cut boots; preferably the kinds with zips. Don’t forget a black toy handgun to hook to your belt, and a pair of black shades – this time, you won’t look like an idiot for wearing them into a club at night.

To make sure your victims cringe at your villainous cyborg get-up, add hints of silver foil or body paint to parts of you skin to create the illusion of skin that has already peeled away, but only because you’ve been using it to stub your cigar on.


If you’re willing to go a step further, swap the leather jacket out for a duster and throw on a red unbuttoned shirt under your coat (over your t-shirt) to double up as the charming Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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