Vampires Rule The Night In Sims 4

You’ve heard the whispers. The night’s not safe anymore. They among us… Vampires! Yup, that’s right, Vampires now have their own town in Sims 4 and the undead are ready to feast on mingle with the rest.

In the new town Forgotten Hollow, the nights are longer, the buildings older and the inhabitants deader… or undead to be exact. Vampires aren’t exactly hiding and learning about them isn’t all that hard. As with most rumors today, a quick search on your Sim’s computer will reveal the world of Vampires to you.

But how do you Vamp out? Well, you can either create a new Sim, or take a trip down to Forgotten Hollow and befriend one. After a casual chat or so, you can then ask your new friend to turn you into one. The process isn’t immediate though, it’ll take a few days and you’ll realize that your needs have changed and you no longer hunger for food… in fact, you might not even be able to stomach it anymore, and all you want to do is take a bite out of… well another Sim. Ask for permission, or compel them for a drink, the choice is yours. You could choose abstinence as well though and drink from the plasma fruit and packs as a substitute.

While just a game pack, and not a full-blown expansion pack, Vampires packs in quite a good bit of content. As a Vampire, you can still continue with your current job and everything else that you’ve been doing (other than eating garlic), but there’s quite a bit more to do as well – increase your vampiric powers and rise to the top of the undead community.

Vampire Powers and Weaknesses

If you’ve played almost any RPG game these last 10 years, the Vampire’s power tree is very easy to decipher. Planning your powers though totally depends on how you want to shape your particular Sim. However, as you gain more powers, you’re forced to choose some weaknesses as well. For instance, you can choose greater strength, but have uncontrollable hissing or develop a withered stomach that just can’t hold down human food anymore causing you to throw up… and cause and embarrassing scene.

Vampires also allows you to duel others to gain points and level up. Tomes are available for purchase (from the internet) that unlock your powers as you read them and increase your Vampire Lore skill.

Strike a tune on the Organ

Just like all other Sims packs, you get a ton of new items to decorate your home – this time in a very rustic and Gothic style. Sap that bed out for a coffin and keep the world out. Oh and if you’re wondering, yes, you can still ‘woohoo’ in the coffin with a brand new animation!

For now, I’m loving the Vampire pack… Werewolves next please?