Valentine Deadpool

Valentine’s Day Memes

Ah Valentines Day… the day of the year when Roses are in danger of going extinct, Chocolates become a prime commodity and the wallet becomes inexplicably lighter. Well I’ve personally never been one for all the flowers and candy. I prefer my gifts practical… like an iMac or a Star Destroyer (you never know when you need one).

However, the day does seem to have a certain kinda magic about it… the most macho of men can bee seen carrying bouquets of flowers and between the women – you know I’m right – there’s the underlying tones of one-up-manship and sometimes a more obvious competitive streak.

Then you either have the singles that mope about depressed and on the flip-side the ones celebrating their single-hood – usually those that finally know what it’s like to still have a bank balance after Valentines day.

Well here are a few Memes for to commemorate this day:

Valentine’s Day for the Confident Self-Assured Single

valentine Han Solo

Valentine’s Day for those who know exactly what they want

Valentine Hitler

For the Lone Rangers

Valentine 300

Valentine’s Day for the smart-asses

valentine dwight

Valentines Day for the Scientists

valentine sheldon

And finally…Valentines Day for ‘that’ guy

Valentine Hairy


Happy Valentine’s Day