5 Uniquely Singaporean Games for SG50!

SG50 marks not only the independence of Singapore, but also the growth in our local industries these past decades. And things are no different for the media.

Led by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), this initiative allows people to learn about Singapore’s history, culture and iconic personalities in an interactive manner by way of their mobile devices.

The original call for proposal attracted over 40 entries before being whittled down by a judging panel that included Mr David Ng, CEO of Gumi Asia, Mr Oo Gin Lee, editor of Straits Times; Digital Life, Mr Albert Lim, Member of the Games Solutions Centre’s Management Committee and Mr Joachim Ng, Director of Industry Operations at MDA.

When I greenlight production for games, the key factors to consider are usually market appeal and how well they capture and sustain audience attention. Most importantly however, it is about the fun factor. I believe that the games will deliver an engaging and interactive experience, and at the same time help today’s generation learn more about Singapore’s history and culture,” said Mr David Ng.

Of the 40 plus submissions reviewed, only 4 were eventually selected for funding by the MDA. A fifth game, Satay Club, was independently developed but was selected when its developer volunteered it for the initiative. All 5 games (listed below) were selected based on their quality and entertainment value—including how well they showcased Singapore’s unique culture and traits.

Building the Lion by Swag Soft
Building the Lion by Swag SoftBuild your own unique Singapore cityscape in 3D! Learn more about the nation by collecting cards featuring caricatures of famous Singaporeans, and play mini-games built around our heritage, culture, and food.

KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga by Mojocat
KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga by MojocatInspired by Singapore’s Kopitiam setting, “KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga” brings out Singaporean quirks revolving around everyday situations at the Kopitiam through an exciting series of fast-paced arcade-styled-games.

My Singapore City by Ixora Studios
My Singapore City by Ixora StudiosA test of speed and memory, “My Singapore City” requires players to earn and build famous Singaporean landmarks, by matching as many tiles, as fast as possible!

Rickshaw Rush by Mojo Forest
Rickshaw Rush by Mojo ForestRace against time and ferry passengers to their destination on a rickshaw before they lose their patience! Meet and discover people along the way who have shaped Singapore’s history and culture, including the person who founded Singapore’s famous chilli crab!

Satay Club by Afzainizam Zahari
Satay Club by Afzainizam ZahariRelive the old days of “Satay Club”, a popular eating place located at Beach Road in the 1940s. Cook and sell satay to your “customers”, and immerse in the charming atmosphere that had made the first Satay Club a popular eating destination in Singapore for more than half a century.

All 5 games will be available for free download on Google Play and iOS App Stores as of July 1st.