(TWO) Official Deadpool Movie Trailer Released

It’s here! It’s FINALLY here! 20th Century Fox has finally released the first official trailer from Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool – the irreverant, R-rated, superhero movie made by the same people that f#@$%d him up the first time around in Wolverine Origins.

The official trailer is a little different from the one that was aired during SDCC – which we hear was was so potent all the ladies in the first three rows got pregnant. Fox however felt that such power could not be carelessly tossed around and promised to release the trailer to the general public once they were able to control the awesomeness.

But how can you control such power? Well… you can’t. But you can distribute it. That’s exactly what the powers that be at Fox have done. They carefully prepared the world by introducing the trailer to the trailer leaving everyone to marinate in its juicy goodness for a day…

Today, 20th Century Fox releases the OFFICIAL Deadpool trailer, for the general public, in almost all it’s glory. But because the amount of awesome could not be contained in just one trailer… they give us TWO! The ‘Red Band’ trailer, which is not one for the kiddos, contains everything else that makes Deadpool whole.


The wait was well worth it and I’m not pregnant… but then again I’m not a woman. Never have I been so psyched about a movie. I tell myself not to fall too deep, cause it might just break my heart like how she did the first time around… but I can’t.

For the first time, we’re seeing Deadpool done right.