Quiz Night

Tuesday Quiz Nights @ Grand Park City Hall

Remember when Google wasn’t the answer to everything? Have the machines actually taken over? Put aside your smart devices and show them who’s boss.

Come down to the Beer Tavern on Tuesdays for the #justsayingiGotSmarts Quiz Nights where we test our noggins, have some drinks and socialize.

5 rounds of questions that require as much intellect as time spent in front of the telly. It’s a quiz for anyone and everyone (yes even THAT fella that stares off into the distance every once in a while).

Quiz nights happen every Tuesday from 8pm at Beer Tavern located at 10 Coleman Street, Grand Park City Hall (right beside Funan IT Mall). Drink deals for all participants at $10 nett for beer and wine.

Here are a few things to note:

*Update* Free Flow Beers and Wine at only $28++

First it’s FREE! There no cost to join.

Second, there’s no size limitation to the teams. However, we do recommend 4-5 members per team. It’s all about finding the balance between having enough heads and too many points of view.

Thirdly, just for turning up you get a point on the league table – resets every 4 weeks – to win a Buffet for 4 at Grand Park City Hall.

So lock in the dates and we’ll see you there every Tuesday!

[divider]List of Fame[/divider]

Season 1 (3 June to 24 June)
3 June Winner: The Mafiosos
10 June Winner: The Mafiosos
17 June Winner: The Mafiosos
24 June Winner: Wacky Waddlers
Season Winner: The Mafiosos

Season 1 (22 April to 13 May)
22 April Winner: Whacky Wabbits
29 April Winner: Quizaholics
6 May Winner: Whacky Wabbits
13 May Winner: Cucking Funts
Season Winner: Wacky Wabbits

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