Trident Bliss: A Breath of Fresh Air in Air Purification Technology

Modern design
Advanced technology
Washable filters

In an age where the quality of the air we breathe is of paramount concern, the Trident Bliss, developed in partnership with Plasma Science and A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, is a testament to Trident Air’s commitment to delivering top-notch air sanitisation solutions.

The Trident Bliss boasts a sleek and compact size of 22 x 22 x 32cm – This makes it incredibly easy to integrate into any space, from cozy home corners to bustling office environments.

The device is not just about purifying the air; it’s about transforming your surroundings into a health-conscious environment.

Set up was extrememly easy. Take it out of the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. Simple!

Featuring the revolutionary ‘Safe Air Dome’ Technology, the Trident Bliss works tirelessly to clean both air and surfaces, even reaching those challenging nooks and crannies.

Its ‘Hunt, Catch, Kill’ approach employs advanced cold plasma technology and special graphene plates to effectively eliminate viruses, germs, and a plethora of indoor pollutants. Some might call this technology absolutely Kraven 😉

Impressively, it also enhances airflow by 40%, cooling the space while saving energy.

The trident Bliss changes colour depending on the air quality

Trident Bliss shines when it comes to combating common airborne issues in Singapore, such as mould, odours, and various nasal irritations.

The device’s rapid virus elimination capabilities are particularly noteworthy, reducing viral loads by 99.8% within just 15 minutes.

Its 24/7 air and surface sanitisation offers unlimited protection, making it an ideal choice for homes, clinics, schools, and offices.

The device’s user-friendliness is highlighted by its washable filters, which come at no additional cost, and justify the upfront price. Added smart features like WiFi control and a PM2.5 air quality sensor enhance its convenience, all while maintaining low energy consumption.

With effective coverage for spaces up to 30 square meters, Trident Bliss is versatile enough to cater to specific areas, significantly contributing to improved overall well-being.

The Trident Bliss doesn’t just excel in functionality; its modern design, small footprint, and colour-changing feature to indicate air quality, add an aesthetic touch to its practicality.

Washable air filters are very easy to access.

While the Trident Bliss stands out in its field, it’s worth noting that it comes at a premium price, at SGD 549, compared to other competitors.

However, considering its cutting-edge technology, it represents a worthwhile investment for those prioritizing air quality and health.

In conclusion, the Trident Bliss is a testament to Trident Air’s dedication to redefining clean air standards. It’s an exemplary blend of advanced technology, and user-friendly features, making it a top contender in the world of air purification.