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Toy Story 4 is a Standalone Miracle

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Duke Kaboom!
Duke Kaboom!!

It’s pretty tough to top perfection. And Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending to a perfect trilogy.

While Pixar’s been known for not forcing itself down the sequel machine, being under the Disney umbrella has caused some questionable decisions. (Looking at you Cars 2.)

Thankfully, Toy Story 4 finds a way to one up perfection and delivers a standalone that honours the conclusive arc of the trilogy while also not threatening an unnecessary sequel.

While some behind-the-scenes problems kept Toy Story 4 away from its initial 2018 release date, Pixar’s impeccable think tank writing process ensures the quality of the final product with multiple writing teams surveying the script.

In addition to the pleasure of seeing old favourites, was hearing the reunion of the cast. And while the dynamic duo of Key and Peele are hilarious, the return of Annie Potts as Bo Peep seals the nostalgic value of Toy Story 4.

Sprinkle in a good amount of Keanu Reeves and it’s easy to see how Toy Story 4 is so easily relevant.

While it is already amazing how a 24 year old franchise still looks amazing today, Toy Story 4 ups the animation grade with its post-The Good Dinosaur graphics. From fabric textures to brush bristles, the animation has evolved to the point where the toys look very much alive.

Which, I guess, is the point of this whole series.

Randy Newman’s music returns, alongside the actors, with sounds that stir up that old feeling of having a friend in Andy’s toy chest, but with also a sense of maturity indicating the age of the fans who originally began this journey.

While Toy Story 4, like its predecessor, closes as a well-made conclusion, it would be naive to not think that Pixar may well be able to cook up yet another entry in this beloved franchise.

Toy Story 4 is out now in all theatres and is a must watch for new and old fans alike!