Tim Shumate

Tim Shumate does Marvel and DC

Not too long ago we featured a set of designs by Tim Shumate, who re-imagined edgier, tattooed versions of the Disney Princesses. Tim’s very identifiable style can be seen on apparel by TeeFury and on Society 6.

Here’s Tim’s take on Marvel and DC’s femme fatales.

[divider]Poison Ivy[/divider]

Tim Shumate Poison Ivy


Tim Shumate Phoenix


Tim Shumate Mystique


Tim Shumate Dazzler

[divider]Wonder Woman[/divider]

Tim Shumate Wonder Woman


Tim Shumate Storm


Tim Shumate Rogue


Love his work? Tim Shumate’s Rogue (above) will be available on TeeFury next week!

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