SDCC 2017 Unveils Brand New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer!

With Spider-Man: Homecoming cleared, the next MCU movie in the line-up leading us towards Avengers: Infinity War (a.k.a. Thanos kicks everybody’s ass) is Thor: Ragnarok.

And, as is tradition with SDCC, here’s a new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok!

Clearly they’re not holding back their use of Hulk and I doubt no one’s gonna complain about that given Ruffalo’s easy chemistry with both Downey and Hemsworth.

If there’s anything I’d have to nitpick, it’ll be the absence of the Warriors Three and Sif. While the excess number of new characters may have taken up more screen time than anticipated, shoving aside older characters for new may not be the best move.

In the vein of this epic gladiatorial showdown, the Thor: Ragnarok promo images have gone the extra mile with their references to the fan favourite Contest of the Champions game/comic series.

And lest we forget that Marvel is now owned by Disney, here’re some mug designs for Thor: Ragnarok… just don’t smash it when you’re looking for a refill…

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