The World My Arena by Kang Jing and Nestor Redulla Jr

The World My Arena – Singapore Martial Arts Comic Book Hits Kickstarter

The original comic is the first in a series created by writer-artist Kang Jing

All too often, we hear “comic book” and we think “superheroes.” Sometimes we hear “Kickstarter comic book” and we think “slice of life.” And while there’s nothing wrong with either of the mentioned, it’s cool to now and then get something that unites both the idea of normal, every day people and some kick-ass action.

After all, isn’t that literally Batman?

Singapore artist and writer Kang Jing has forayed into the point-of-no-return in his journey towards becoming a comic book creator. Having launched his debut title The World My Arena on Kickstarter, the one-man creative team (he’s handling writing, art, and lettering duties all himself) is set to raise a modest S$900 to cover the cost of printing.

Cover to The World My Arena #1
Pencils & Inks by Kang Jing
Colours by Nestor Redulla Jr

That’s right, everything else is already done.

If you find Kang Jing’s art familiar, it may be ’cause you’ve seen his work on local comic and art groups. Building a steady following on both his Facebook and Instagram pages, as Art of KJ, he’s made a name for himself with his clean pencil and inking styles.

Art of KJ - Year One Artbook
Art of KJ – Year One Artbook debuted at Doujinma 2019

In addition to the first issue of The World My Arena, reward tiers also include cool stuff like his very first artbook–which saw release earlier this year at Doujima 2019–and original character sketches on A5 or A4, size depending on the amount pledged.

A pretty insightful preview of the interior can be seen on the Kickstarter page itself with 4 pages up for anyone interested in seeing more of his art.

While the story itself is in black & white, the cover is coloured by Nestor Redulla Jr. Though if you’re a fan of the inked look, you’re in luck: the Kickstarter exclusive cover comes uncoloured, but will only be available for this campaign, so be sure you grab it now!

For many of the Crimson Star ashcan backers last year, the custom sketched covers by Kang Jing are certainly testament to his pencil and ink work, often a favourite for those who enjoy clean lines with solid blacks.

So if you’re looking to support a local (or regional) artist from Singapore, dive over to his Kickstarter and be sure to get yourself a copy with either the artbook or an original sketch!

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