The PRISM+ Zero Smart Air Conditioner System Delivers Game Changing Value

Unobtrusive design
Energy efficient
Great App features
8-year warranty
With so much value, it's hard to find any.

From gaming monitors and TVs, PRISM+ has entered the smart home appliance industry with the launch of its latest innovation, the PRISM+ Zero smart air conditioner system.

As the first entry in its smart home appliance series, PRISM+ Zero promises to provide consumers with energy-saving and environmentally friendly features while integrating cutting-edge smart home automation to enhance user experience… all at an affordable price.

The PRISM+ Zero Series is available in four indoor unit models, namely the PRFZ09, PRFZ12, PRFZ18, and the RFZ24 each with respective cooling capacities of 9,212 btu/h, 12,010 btu/h, 18,010 btu/h and 24,200 btu/h.

The design of the units is pretty modern and they should easily blend in with most homes – which is my personal preference. Unlike some of the newer “artistic designs” that some manufacturers have been marketing, I prefer my air conditioner not to stand out.

The PRISM+ Zero is also designed to be energy efficient. Equipped with inverter technology, it can maintain a constant temperature more efficiently, thereby reducing energy consumption. It has been conferred the “5 ticks” rating by the National Environment Energy (NEA)’s Certified Energy Rating – the highest rating given to high-efficiency models of air-conditioners, refrigerators and clothes dryers in Singapore.

The system also uses the more eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. R32 is a single-component refrigerant, meaning it is easier to reuse and recycle.

It has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to other commonly used refrigerants and requires less refrigerant volume per kW. R32 is also low-toxic, difficult to ignite and does not explode.

The PRISM+ Connect app is feature-packed and you can replicate the functionality of the air-con remote control and control your devices from a remote location using the app. You can also set up routines based on timing or the ambient temperature of the room.

In addition, there are other smart features such as geolocation settings, maintenance reminders, direct bookings for aircon servicing, setting routines to match user lifestyles, and insights to monitor usage frequency.


The app’s geolocation capabilities allow users to set distance parameters for their air conditioner systems to turn on and off based on their proximity.

If you’re like me and need a cool room to be comfortable and relaxed, this feature will ensure that you never have to worry about returning to a home that’s too warm or keeping your devices running for extended periods of time, thereby maximizing energy efficiency.

However, the biggest selling point of all, a game-changer even, is that PRISM+ offers the most comprehensive warranty for air conditioners in the market – 8 YEARS!

Upon purchase, users are entitled to one-year coverage of their air conditioner units. They can choose to opt-in for quarterly servicing through a pay-per-use system, which entitles them to an extended 8-year warranty on both their indoor units and outdoor compressors.

Why is this a big deal? Well, other manufacturers typically only cover components and parts of the system (such as the PCB boar, capacitors and thermistors) for the first year. Repairing these units can be very expensive and time-consuming.

With my previous system, I spent twice the cost of the air-conditioner over the course of seven years just dealing with all the repairs.


An 8-year warranty covering ALL parts and components is unheard of in the market. Even if there was such an option, the premium on the warranty would be extremely expensive.

Granted you need to subscribe to the quarterly maintenance plan (my four units cost me $90 each quarter). However that comes with the assurance that you’re covered for 8 years, and your units are running at an optimal level. That makes it a very easy decision to choose PRISM+ Zero over the competition.

I have to give kudos to the installation team as well. I moved from a System 5 set-up to a System 4. They were able to not only retain my current piping (a pressure test was done) but also managed to swap out the PRISM+ ZERO with my older units. No one could tell that the units had been swapped out. They fit right in place without damaging the area around where the units were installed.

The team also managed to cover up a section of my wall that no longer needed a unit. Once they were done (and with a coat of paint) you can’t tell if there was ever a unit there (check out the review video).

In line with the PRISM+ DNA of making premium technologies affordable to the masses, the PRISM+ Zero system is no different. The base system is already very competitively priced. Add on the other features and warranty, it is packed with value.

The PRISM+ Zero smart air conditioner system sports a modern yet, unobtrusive design that blends seamlessly into any room. With the PRISM+ Connect app, controlling your home’s temperature has never been easier.

What’s even better is that it comes with an incredible 8-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase. Also, this air conditioning system is available at an affordable price, making it a great value for your money.