The Penguins of Madagascar are a Riot!

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Cute, cuddly, little balls of clumsiness and professionals in the field of espionage?! The Penguins of Madagascar are all that and more!

Penguins of Madagascar is one of the better animated films this year. With a outstanding cast (of voices) including Benedict Cumberbatch, the story tells of friendships made, bravery and most importantly the value of family.

I LOVED the Penguins when they were first featured in Madagascar and they simply stole the show and pulled the rug from right under Alex (the Lion’s) paws. Now if you’re a fan of espionage, mystery and conspiracies, the Penguins of Madagascar hit the right spots.

There was not a moment I could not stop laughing and there was certainly not a moment they got wrong. The script was with and funny with the jokes fast, impactful and hit all ages (of course the adults will see the jokes in a different light).

I love the fact that the voice actors (of the Penguins were) continued from the Madagascar series and followed through to the TV Series. Tom McGrath (Skipper), Chris Miller (Kowalksi)–the voice of the Magic Mirror from Puss In Boots and Shrek– and Christopher Knights (Private).Only Conrad Vernon (Rico) filled in for John DiMaggio.

The film includes other big names like Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Dr.Strange – which I cannot wait for by the way), John Malkovich (Red 1 and 2, Con Air), Ken Jeong (Hangover, Community) and Peter Stomare (Prisonbreak, Constatine, Blacklist).

Penguins of Madagascar hit a worldwide gross of $110million dollars in different countries outside of the US. After its debut, it hit No.2 at the box office just behind Hunger Games; Mocking Jay–comparable to other shows hitting the box offices like Big Hero Six, Horrible Bosses 2 and Interstellar.

All in all I loved the show, and it hit the right spots. A wonderful espionage parody with great animation and an amazing cast, it’s a fun filled adventure from start to finish.

This show made me more of a fan to the Penguins and I cannot wait for the sequel!