The One Thing That Singaporeans Can’t Live Without

A survey conducted for The PC Show, Singapore’s longest running showcase of information technology (IT) and consumer electronics, happening from 1 – 4 June at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, has revealed that while most consumers look for computers and laptops during a sale (58.9%), four out of five consumers (86%) say they cannot live without their mobile phones and they’ll replace them every two years, or less (58%).

With the prevalence of mobile phones, it is also no real surprise that 44.9% selected social media apps as the must-have app on their phones – even moreso than games and news apps.

Gillian Loh, Project Manager for show organiser Lines Exposition and Management Services, said: “A defining feature of technology is the pace at which it develops and evolves, and with it the consumers buying it! We did this survey to make sure we’re ahead on what the technology needs amongst today’s consumers really are. As the longest running consumer tech show, we are proud to bring the latest gadgets at the best prices to our visitors year on year.”

“Our survey results show that the top deciding factors for making a purchase are quality and price, just what The PC Show is committed to bring for our visitors,” adds Gillian.