The Meg – Some Things Are Better Left Sunken

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Dumb fun
Pretty decent graphics
The science... kinda makes sense
Pretty dumb movie
Statham doesn't kung-fu the giant shark
I mean, he kinda does, but not enough
Boats should consider seat belts

B-rate monster flicks are kinda my jam–the cheesier, the better.

And while most movies are best when they don’t take themselves too seriously, the opposite is true for movies such as The Meg, where the over the top plot and dialogue only add to the sheer comedy of the situation–similar to Batman V Superman.


Lol. Gotta love those DC comedies.

While it’s easy to blame The Meg on it being yet another collaboration with China funding, fact is recent movies like Skyscraper have proven that such endeavours can be a success.

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Even with a cast featuring the likes of Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson and Winston Chao, and directed by Jon Turteltaub, a veteran of over-the-top action movies (Hi, National Treasure!), The Meg never really reaches the height of absurdity that you’d quite expect.

But not all’s unimpressive. Despite the film being ridden with character tropes, right down to a predictable list of who the Meg’s gonna be chowing down on, the story does place some effort in trying to offer a scientifically plausible cause and effect to explain the plot.

Given that The Meg is based on a book that was written shortly after the release of Jurassic Park–in itself based on a novel by Michael Crichton–a certain amount of scientific plausibility was probably demanded from the audience of the day.

Not that The Meg is a movie that could be improved by science–I mean, literally half the deaths could have been prevented by people just not falling off boats–but perhaps it’s time we considered that Hollywood really shouldn’t be adapting what feel like Syfy flick plots?

After all, it really cannot be too long before someone realises that the title “Mega Sharknado” is just begging for a movie about megalodons in spiralling winds.

The Meg is out in all theatres… please watch Mamma Mia! instead?