The Legacy, Rock Icon, Chris Cornell Leaves Us

Very suddenly and unexpectedly, the world has lost another icon – Chris Cornell has passed on.

Aged 52, the Soungarden front-man had a very distinct and unique quality about the way he made and wrote his music. Cornell comes from a time where musicians were self made, through trial and error, hitting their instrument of choice everyday to get the perfect sound. The devotion to the art verged on the obsessive. You could always feel the emotion behind the lyrics made even more epic with the raw quality and the depth and range of his vocals.

From Soundgarden to  Audioslave and Temple of the Dog, or as a solo artist, Cornell was an inspiration to many.

Cornell passed on shortly after playing a concert with Soundgarden in Detroit on Wednesday evening (his last tweet below at the concert) and the cause of death is still unknown.

In tribute to Chris Cornell, here’s a selection of some of his best work – his legacy that he leaves behind.


Black Hole Sun

The Day I Tried To Live

Fell On Black Days


Like A Stone

Be Yourself

Show Me How To Live

[divider]Temple of the Dog[/divider]

Hunger Strike

Say Hello 2 Heaven

His latest single…

The Promise

and of course his amazing rendition of Billie Jean


Say hello to heaven… #RIPChrisCornell

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