The Last of Us Remastered Edition Kicks it up a Notch

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The Good Stuff
Hilarious dialogue
Beautiful Scenery
Likeable characters
Could be Better
Difficult to aim
Non-rewarding upgrade system

When The Last of Us initially hit the scene last year it was one of the hottest games to hit the market. Not only was the story line engaging but the visuals were stunning. With a story reminiscent of The Walking Dead and game play that rivals Resident Evil, The Last of Us Remastered Edition kicks it up a notch. The developers at Naughty Dog have really utilized all the technology that the Sony Playstation has to offer.

One addition to the game is a much appreciated free download of all the DLCs. This includes the ‘Left Behind’ single-player expansion chapter, the ‘Abandoned Territories’ multiplayer map pack, and the ‘Reclaimed Territories’ map pack. With the upgrade to 1080p, they were able to bring those iconic visuals of a post apocalyptic world back to life. However for a $60 price tag they had to work hard to justify a repurchase of a game. For all those hardcore fans out there excited about the new release, its totally worth it.

For those fortunate enough to be playing for the first time, the game not only challenges you but makes you really care about what happens to the characters. Things such as rationing ammo and supplies become crucial later in the game. With the weapons and accessories being upgrade-able, you have to fully search the whole map to get the most out of your weaponry.

The fighting system takes some getting used to–running and shooting accurately is almost an impossibility–so planning ahead for an impending fight is a must. Throw in enemies who can only be killed with either a gun or a blunt object (not both) and you are in for one hell of a fight. The availability of some awesome weapons such as a sawed off shotgun, an axe and molotov cocktails make the fights more exciting.

My favorite thing about the game is its protagonist Ellie. Her humor and witty banter will have you repeating some of the games most memorable quotes. The fact that she looks like Ellen Page while telling you to “Go F@#$ yourself” just adds to the fun.

In the words of Ellie, if you don’t check out this game you can “Go F@#$ yourself.”