The KOKUYO ING 360 – a Gliding Chair that Battles Over-sitting

KOKUYO Co., Ltd, a leading provider of office design and furniture in Japan, is setting the pace for office furniture industry with the unveiling of their breakthrough KOKUYO ING 360° Gliding Chair.

The 360° gliding innovation keeps both body and mind active to address the growing health and wellness issues among office workers due to prolonged stretches of sitting still in the office.

In addition to physical effects, inactivity is also said to be hazardous to mental health resulting in stress, anxiety and depression. While employers have started to adopt various health and well-being programs to encourage employees to get off their chair and get active, KOKUYO approached the issue from a completely new direction, embracing a new concept – the human body is Born to Move.

The KOKUYO ING 360° Gliding Chair is developed based on the fact that the human body has more than 360 joints and about 700 skeletal muscles and the revolutionary gliding mechanism allows the body to stay in motion even when seated.

The innovative 360° gliding mechanism is the result of four years of research and development. It mimics the hip-strengthening action of sitting on a balance ball. Its 360° freely moving joints moves according to the fine movement of the human body. To balance the chair’s movement, the body naturally and perfectly maintains a correct sitting posture.

This freedom of movement keeps the hips, waist and back muscles active while seated. Body pressure is also dispersed with the movement, reducing strain on the body. The forward sloping design of the seat conforms to the natural S-shaped curve of the spine thus alleviating stiff neck and shoulders. KOKUYO’s internal research showed that calories consumed while sitting on the ING chair for four hours is equivalent to walking 1.5 km.

KOKUYO is changing the office equipment landscape. Our revolutionary KOKUYO ING 360° Gliding Chair has redefined sitting and raised the bar in design and performance of office chairs. This technology is the next step in the transformation of the furniture business – the master key that allows us to further drive our leadership in current markets and unlocks new opportunities as employers are actively stepping up in search of physical health and psychological well-being solutions for the workforce.
– Hiro Yamaoka, Managing Director, Singapore Branch

Besides the muscular benefits, data also shows that sitting on the ‘ing’ chair also improves mental fitness. Findings from tests conducted by KOKUYO revealed that those ‘sitexercising’ on the ING gliding chair demonstrated higher levels of active thinking and concentration, driving up creativity and productivity.

The KOKUYO ING 360° Gliding Chair is now available from SGD 988.