The Jabra PanaCast 20 Video Conferencing Camera Is A Beast

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Great video quality
Tons of features
Solid build
A little pricey

Announced in April, the Jabra PanaCast 20 camera offers a personal video conferencing experience perfect for today’s hybrid world.

As video meetings now become the norm, our video cameras are starting to become more important than ever as we put our “best face forward”. Just as how we would groom ourselves for a business meeting, video-conferencing apps even have make-up filters to add that extra touch.

However, if we keep the Garbage-In-Garbage-Out (GIGO) concept in mind, where the initial input and quality of data determine the quality of the end-product, the filters are limited by the quality of the initial capture. This is where the Jabra PanaCast 20 camera with its advanced processors, onboard AI and 13-megapixel camera shines.

Designed to clip to any monitor, The PanaCast 20 is extremely easy to set up. Connect the provided USB-C cable and you’re ready to go. Install the Jabra Direct app for greater control, update firmware and you’re ready to access more of the camera’s features.

The Jabra PanaCast 20 clips easily to any monitor

The camera can also be easily mounted on most standard tripods for even more placement options. However, the USB cable does limit this potential due to its placement at the base of the camera. While it is perfect if you want to place it at the top of your monitor, there are times where it might not be the best option due to the environment you’re in or the setup of your workstation. However, a basic tripod, or the Jabra PanaCast Table Stand, should address this issue.

Use a standard tripod for more placement options.

When it comes to its build quality, the PanaCast 20 is easily one of the sturdiest and solid cameras that I’ve ever held. With its aluminium casing, it’s light enough to carry around easily, and at the same time feels solid enough to give you confidence that it’ll survive a couple of drops and more.

The PanaCast 20 does run hot with all the power under the hood, and the same aluminium casing helps with heat management.

It also comes with a sturdy shock-absorbent carry case that keeps the camera safe and snug when on the move.

The Jabra PanaCast 20 sits in its case nice and snug.

The next thing you’ll notice is a sliding dial for the privacy cover for total control over your security and image transmission.

Once running, the PanaCast 20 delivered an immediate visual improvement over the built-in (1080p) camera of my laptop. With a powerful onboard AI and a 13-megapixel camera, the Jabra PanaCast 20 delivers 4K Ultra-HD video that’s sharp and clear, with no latency.

The difference in quality was so evident that I was asked if I was using a new camera or got better lighting without even prompting others on the video call.

Able to capture with a field-of-vision of up to 90 degrees, the camera AI-driven Intelligent Zoom automatically follows your movement and automatically adjusts the framing to place you in the centre. This worked really well in a dual-stream set-up where we were flashing a presentation on one laptop, and the presenters were automatically centred with the PanaCast 20 connected to another. It took just a little bit of adjustment in terms of placing the camera (on a tripod) in the right place, but it worked really well.

The Jabra PanaCast 20 allows you to have picture-in-picture streams as well.

Using Intelligent Lighting Optimization, Jabra is also able to analyse the environment and automatically adjust the image to enhance video quality, including those situations where lighting is poor. This definitely helped where backlighting and shadows were an issue.

The Picture in Picture mode – a technology that uses Edge AI processing to combine two real-time video streams into one, is a great feature if you need a second stream in an integrated window with the main image. This mode works with any UC platform and is a great alternative when dual-stream devices aren’t supported.

There are integrated microphones in the PanaCast 20 that do the job pretty well. However, I still prefer to use a dedicated headset for my audio needs. Using the Jabra Direct app allows you to control the PanaCast 20 and other Jabra headsets such as the Evolve2 30 and Evolve2 75.

If security is a concern, the intelligent personal camera is engineered for data security because the onboard AI processor drives all the features of the device. As all actions take place on the device itself, it reduces the risk of a data breach.

The Jabra PanaCast 20 is available in Black, and at a recommended retail price of SGD $464, which is probably its only drawback. There are cheaper video-conferencing cameras available, and at SGD $464 is isn’t exactly accessible for everyone.

However, with everything going on under the hood, the Jabra PanaCast 20 is a beast.