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The Iron Fairies is a Magical Point of Entry to Bangkok Bar Culture

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Bangkok is very much the gateway to Thailand. The country’s capital is as busy a place as any other – from rush hour traffic to its vibrant nightlife.

While Bangkok’s nightlife is world renowned, it has become the home to several high-quality cocktail bars away from the hedonistic entertainment of Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, who never seem to have a shortage of tourists looking for “entertainment”.

A 10-minute taxi ride from the heart of Sukhumvit will bring you to Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55 Rd) – the home of the Iron Fairies.

The unassuming front is really the portal to one of Bangkok’s most established cocktail bars and hangouts.

An institution in its own right, the Iron Fairies plays hosts to knowledgeable expats and a smattering of locals.

A very interesting mix of cultures, its Neo-Gothic interior transports you to periodic Europe, while the food is quite typical American flare, and the drinks are quite magical and reasonably priced.

The Iron Fairies is home to a variety of pixies, even the green variety. You can get any, and all of the popular favourites, but I would recommend their signature Absinthe cocktails.

While not served in the traditional fashion as they would in Prague, they’ve put their own entertaining, and potent, spin on the green fairy.

True to Thai hospitality, the service is excellent and efficient, with the staff trying to be as attentive and courteous as possible – which is quite the feat considering that I’ve never seen the place anywhere close to less than two-thirds full every time I’ve been there.

“At the Iron Fairies, we believe in quality. From our service, food, and entertainment, we want to offer the best possible experience for our customers” explained Shavinraj, the establishment’s manager, affectionately known as the Fairy Godfather by staff and regulars.

A high claim, but one that’s echoed by the number of return customers that they serve – many of which are tourists that return to the Iron Fairies multiple times during their stay in Bangkok.

If live music is your thing, the Iron Fairies have live entertainment by some truly talented bands, some of which have members that have participated in competitions such as ‘The Voice Thailand’.

The bar also has weekly (Mondays) open mic nights if you have the urge to sing… and get free drinks for your efforts.

An eclectic mix of gothic decor, great food, drinks and amazing service, the Iron Fairies is a must visit if you want to sample Bangkok’s booming pub scene.

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