The Flash of Two Shows – More Signs from 1990’s The Flash!

Way back in the first episode of the CW’s The Flash, we were informed that at some times in the future, a Crisis-style disaster will occur. One that Barry Allen will avert, seemingly at his own demise.

This, of course, is a reference to the popular Crisis on Infinite Earths event. While the actual comic event had some complicated backstory with some cosmic being and his multiverse-destroying microwave, the TV series could easily simplify the concept by utilising Zoom’s device from the the previous season and instead of having Barry use the Speed Force to destroy it, have him, Wally, Jessie, and Supergirl use it to save their realities, creating:–


Also known as New Earth, this would be an amalgamation of all realities, forming a cohesive timeline with a linear sequence of events.

This would not only allow the DC/CW TV shows to unite in a singular reality, it would also set up for a Justice League with the likes of Black Lightning, Arrow,Superman and more.