The Flash of Two Shows – More Signs from 1990’s The Flash!

It’s no big deal to see the same characters performed by different actors in varying adaptations of the same source material.

But what if, like Julio Mendez, we’re talking about the same actors playing the same characters, although older?

First, we have Ms Tina McGee, played by the ever-sophisticated Amanda Pays. A character known to work mostly with Wally West in the comics, Tina McGee was nevertheless the selected love interest for Barry Allen in the original TV series, beating out Iris West.

In the current series, we see her first as an ex-colleague of Harrison Wells’ and it isn’t long after that she figures out Barry’s identity. While alternate realities obviously have counterparts of the same people, it’s a little questionable when some of them seemed to have aged in real time, continuing from said counterparts.

Some of them not only age accordingly, but also seem to have kids… like this guy:

James Jesse was portrayed by Mark Hamill in the 1990 Flash series, a roll he resumed in the 2014 series and reveals that he has a son named Axel Walker–the new Trickster. Additionally, stills of his original appearance in the 1990 series is used to illustrate his career a good 20 years ago.

Furthermore, his Earth-3 counterpart is a long time rival of Jay Garrick, who is, of course portrayed by John Wesley Shipp, the original Flash.

Bet he wasn’t inspired by the Joker…

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