The Flash Feature
The Fastest Man Alive #13 by Tony S Daniels

Flash Gallery – Collection I

As CW’s ‘The Flash’ zips it’s way to our screens, we thought that we’d trawl the web for some of the best Flash-related work.

Speedsters, like the Flash, pose a unique challenge to illustrators where the energy and speed needs to bleed off the page – especially when almost every pose has him either running towards, or away, from something, somewhere or some-time.


It’s not easy to give life and motion to an image but Keron Grant manages to do just that.


This ‘unfinished work by Cinar should never be finished in my opinion. The red and black inks give it an edge that defines the Flash.

The Flash by Cinar


The Flash Spud by Ashley Ringrose would be the perfect addition to any Flash-fan’s workspace.

The Flash Spud

How about a one of the famous chunkies from Alex Solis?

Alex Solis - Famous Chunkies - Flash

While we’re on re-imaginations, here’s Flash – the fastest Manatee alive from Joel Micah Harris.


Maybe this ‘Made in Mexico’  Home Simpson parody available on eBay?

The Flash Homer Simpson Parody

This very interesting Steampunk take on Green Lantern and the Flash by Tom Kyzivat aka MurderousAutomaton.


And finally this take on a female Robin and Kid Flash by Reiamae.


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