The Flash Engages in Gorilla Warfare!

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Fun break for an episode
Great CGI on Grodd!
Harrison Wells as Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells as Zoom!
A little slower than last week
This better not be the end of Grodd...

So many teases!

After the amazing episode that was Enter Zoom, it’s no surprise that episode 7 dropped off a little. There was very little fighting in the episode, and a lot of talking. Who would ever thought the best way to defeat a gorilla (albeit a highly intelligent, telepathic one) would be to talk to it? And of course, shoving it into an inter-dimensional portal thing.

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Dick Wells in RF Costume
I honestly don’t ever want Tom Cavanagh to leave the show. He’s been playing so many varied roles, yet still oozes confidence and charm in whichever character he’s currently playing. And telling off Grodd just proves he’s a BAMF.

Barry has two best dads! However, Henry Allen felt a little… off. His interactions with Dick Wells and Barry Allen especially: there was a lot of lingering camera angles, a lot of focus on Henry Allen’s facial expressions. Is it foreshadowing that Henry might be… Zoom?

Grodd looked even better than last season, and that is an impressive feat by the FX department. Also, the palette of emotions on display by Grodd was simply amazing. He is genuinely sad about Harrison Wells, his dad, passing away.

"Father Dead, Grodd Sad"
“Father Dead, Grodd Sad”

Also, no way he’s going to just make peace with a bunch of other gorillas on Earth 2. It might not have been the best idea to send a hyper-intelligent gorilla with serious anger issues to a city of other hyper-intelligent gorillas. Let’s hope Team Flash gets to regret this decision dearly when Gorilla City shows up to attack Central City.

Nice to see some love for Caitlyn, there has been a lack of development for our dear Doctor Snow lately. She’s really starting to be more like the “mother” of the group, even convincing Dick Wells to stay with Team Flash and lend his help to the team.

Also, I don’t think it’s a coincidence her dress is similar to Ann Darrow’s in King Kong:

And Barry, keeping secrets about your identity from your loved one is going to do you no good. Oliver Queen can attest to test. Roy Harper can attest to that. Laurel Lance can attest to that. There is literally a city of vigilantes that can attest to that. SO JUST TELL PATTY ALREADY.

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All in all, this is possibly the most teasi-est episode yet and will be followed by a two-part crossover episode, with The Flash likely taking place almost entirely in Star City, and vice versa for Arrow. Here is the epic, EPIC promo:

[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

Henry Allen
Henry Allen
There seemed to be some hints drawn, and this could all be speculation, but here goes:

Zoom: “You like to fish with bait?”
Henry Allen has been spending his mini-vacation fishing…

“Like father like son.”
In more ways than once? Besides being science nerds, could they be both speedsters? Don’t know if it’s foreshadowing, but it does lend slight credence to Henry Allen being Zoom. Well, only time will tell…

She looks BADASS.

Flash ring
Flash Ring
I was wondering when they were going to do this! Basically, The Flash rings holds the Flash costume, and when it comes into contact with air, it expands and allows Flash to slip into it.

Gorilla City
Gorilla City
Oh. My. GRODD.