Zooming Past The Flash

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Great acting!
Straight up finalé quality episode
Zoompoint (?)
42 minutes doesn't suffice for this show

Unbelievable episode, there was literally one misstep, and that was the opening. It’s pretty hard to take that seriously when we already knew what was going to happen (if you’ve watched the teaser that is.)
Barry Reveals Identity
But after that, it was a 40 minutes rollercoaster ride that left me breathless, beyond satisfied, and yet still clamouring for more.

This was pretty much as close to a perfect episode of television I’ve ever seen in my life. After the episode ended, I was just smiling like a boy tasting his first ever ice cream cone. #justaboy

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Much like last week, The Flash pulled off another brilliant episode balancing both darkness and light, and pummelled the previous episode into oblivion. And last episode wasn’t even bad, this episode was just way too good.

Every actor put on their A-game today, and their interactions with each other was so incredibly genuine: yes, even between Cisco and Dick Wells.
Jesse Quick
I loved how Wells was adamant at not letting Cisco vibe (is that a thing now?) him, but the moment Cisco mentioned Jesse, Wells was desperate for an answer as to how she is. We also got confirmation from her father himself that she is Jesse Quick!

And the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! It was great to see so much development, one of the few things that the Flarrowverse tends to either do badly, or skip entirely. I also like Barry still keeping Eobardwells’ words in his mind, way back in the season premiere. Nice little payoff there. Linda Park also received some much needed love from the writers: every scene that she was in, whether goofy or serious, she was in the thick of the action and excelled. It’s nice to see Linda receiving some love, especially since Wally West might be just around the corner.

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Best Dad
Another minor detail: I like how Patty is calling Joe West Barry’s “dad”. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and tingly inside.

And oh Grodd, ZOOM! Zoom exceeded every expectation I had of him, and he cleared them all with flying colours. In 5 minutes, he has firmly established himself as the most terrifying villain the Flarrowverse currently has to offer. Yes, even Damien Darkh. He’s terrifying not because of his power, but what he does to show off his power, and oh boy does he show off.

In conclusion? I’m going to watch this episode again, and again, and again.

Catch you guys next week, if I’m done rewatching this episode by then.

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[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

Hard Light
Patty Spivot mentions that lights can be turned into hard light constructs.

This is a reference to the Lantern Corps, where they utilise hard light constructs from their rings to fight.. Also, Linda went to Coast City, so… more Hal teasing!

And also, in case you wanted the video Patty was watching:

Flashpoint Arrow
Robert Queen
On Earth 2, Robert Queen is the Arrow instead of Oliver. In the comic Flashpoint: Knight of Vengeance, Thomas Wayne was Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, as Bruce was shot and killed instead of his parents. This drove Thomas Wayne to become the Batman. Also, this is a fantastic three issue series that doesn’t require any prior backstory, so I highly recommend the read if you can find a copy.

Also, why are Earth 2 TVs vertical?

Given the positioning of Ollie’s father as the vigilante on Earth-2, this might be a clue as to who could be Zoom…

Flash: Rebirth

Yeap, they did it again.
And this is another fantastic comic book. It does require a lot more backstory, but it’s still enjoyable nonetheless.

What’s what on the next episode of The Flash:


Also, oh, Cisco…

Oh Cisco