The Flash Races Against The Darkness and the Light

Harrison Frikkin' Wells!
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In A Flash!
Just about everything in this episode scores brilliantly!
Reverse Flashed!
Cisco scores twice in one season and all I get is a Restraining Order from Patty Spivot's lawyer?!

Never has an episode title been so accurate with what actually happened during the episode: Dark revelations and plot elements were balanced out by light, fluffy rom-com-like humour, resulting in an episode with the best of both worlds.

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Once again, we see familiar faces from another Earth, and praise to Grodd, for Harrison Wells is back! In a triumphant return, Tom Cavanagh executed an excellent performance as Earth Two’s Harrison Wells, stealing the show completely.

Wells and Flashes on Earth One
In Cisco’s very apt words: “Our Doctor Wells may have been evil, but you’re just a dick.” Indeed, this Harrison Wells is a far cry from the cool, calm and collected one that we’re used to. Instead, he appears desperate, and more than willing to ruffle a few feathers. It is a testament to Tom Cavanagh’s acting ability that he has managed to pull off such a different Harrison Wells in just one episode.

Additionally, Dick Wells (because Harridick just sounded wrong) still managed to have perfect rapport with Cisco. Their humourous exchanges took a completely different tone from Season 1, but never missing a beat. Also, finally meeting Jay Garrick again seems to have lit a fire in both of these men.

With the introduction of the Earth Two Harrison Wells, we finally get to see the other side of Jay Garrick: sure, he has a hero’s heart, and he’s willing to put his life on the line even without his speed. (Case in point: Episode 2) However, he seems to hesitate whenever the topic of Zoom is brought up, and appears terrified to confront him, plus a little guilt due to him constantly failing to stop the supervillain.

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Date Night with Patty Spivot
Onto the lighter stuff, the date scene between Barry and Patty was actually funny, endearing, and well acted! Rarely does a date scene not venture into cringey or cheesy, and that alone boosted their relationship up many notches very naturally. Of course, with Cisco Ramon as your wingman, that is to be expected. These two just might become a thing to root for… #Parry Spillen? #Batty Alvot?

Speaking about being a wingman, Cisco gets a date with Kendra Saunders, whom we have not only seen in the season finalé of the first season of Flash, but also in the extended trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Hawkgirl. Talk about moving on fast, Golden Glider is barely out of Central City and Cisco’s already on to the winged wonderess—clearly, while Cisco has a thing for the super-types, he puts little stock in their hero/villain alignment.

Pretty much the only thing left somewhat unexplained is King Shark. Yeah, Patty mentioned him in passing, but on what Earth would a dead giant half shark-man not be the talk of the town? Granted, it’s probably goddamn expensive to render a CGI Shark, and I would much rather they save the budget for an epic Grodd episode.

Also, interesting take on Doctor Light. Finally, a villain with actual goals and motivations! With Harrison Wells once again at the helm of the Team Flash operation, giving Barry Allen instructions on how to defeat Doctor Light with knowledge that should be known only to a speedster. But seeing that his daughter is Jesse Quick…who knows? Harrison Wells might be a speedster yet again.

All in all, it was a brilliant episode, and in my opinion the best episode of the season so far, slightly edging out Episode 2. None of the scenes felt excessive, with the pacing, a huge issue so far, being close to perfect. Additionally, the tantalising prospect of this episode being only the first part ending with an epic confrontation with Zoom:

And to twist that excruciating anticipation even more, here’s an early look at Zoom from next week’s episode:

Sayin’ it again, that’s Earth-2 Barry right there in black–even their costumes look the same!!

I honestly can barely wait. The next week already looks so far away…

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[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

Violett Beane as Jesse Quick
Jesse Quick
Jesse Quick is the daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, both from the All-Star Squadron. Johnny Quick, real name Johnny Chambers, invokes his power of super-speed by reciting an ancient mathematical formula: 3X2(9YZ)4A. Teaching this as a mantra of sorts to Jesse (who had already inherited her mother’s super strength) Jesse went on to become a front-liner in the modern day line-up of the Justice Society of America.

With her father being now Harrison Wells on Earth Two, this sorta kinda makes Wells Johnny Quick? Perhaps this Wells may just have been a speedster after all… who taught the speed formula to the wrong person. The plot thickens!

Jay Garrick knows a guy, and he’s probably the King of Atlantis, Arthur Curry the Aquaman. Although this Atlantis is above the sea though, so… At-land-is?

Kendra Saunders
After a brief cameo in Season 1 of The Flash, Kendra Saunders is back! And by the way, going on a date with Cisco.

Killer Frost-shadowing
“Cisco, I don’t think any of us would become evil if we all of a sudden got powers.”

Oh, Caitlyn…

Next week, Zoom Enters!