The Flash Gets Us Warm & Fuzzy With Cold

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Leonard Snart's journey to heroism
Bring on Firestorm!
Harrison. Freaking. Wells.
Cold Shoulder
I can't seem to find Patty's number

Episode 3 of The Flash takes a more serious route, but of course not losing its trademark lightheartedness and humour. We see Captain Cold working on a heist with his father, and Joe West also has to deal with the revelation that his wife, Iris’s mother, is back in Central City.

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Of course, after the metric tons of information thrown at us to digest in the first two episodes, this episode has less action and revelations, and more drama. And it was great. The overarching plot for this episode was done much better, and although filled with less gasps, there were still a lot of little moments and interactions between the characters that made me so very happy. Special mention goes to the salt shaker!

Moving on, relationships are pretty much the theme of this episode – be it friends, family, or very, very confused love. *sigh* Anyway, relationships between pretty much all the main cast are going to be covered and speculated on in this review, so, please, feel free to watch the episode before proceeding.

Done? Let’s go all speed cannon on this:

Lovey Dovey:
Barry and Iris/Patty

Hi Patty!
Hi Patty!

OK, there were some really cute moments between Barry and both his love interests. Iris West seems to be genuinely grateful and happy that Barry always has her back, and Patty really, really wants to go out with Barry. As much as I am a stickler for Barry and Iris to get together, Barry and Patty do exhibit some brilliant chemistry, and the Jitters scene was simply a treat.

And hey, since we know that Barry’s gonna eventually hook up with Iris, does that mean I can take Patty out? Because I would take Patty out.

Cisco and Lisa Snart (Golden Glider)

Go Cisco!
Go Cisco!

Well, well, well. Looks like both of them are golden for each other! OK, sorry. But really, it’s nice to see Lisa as a slightly more sympathetic character, and Cisco appears ready to finally face his feelings for Lisa head on. Imagine their babies: smart, humorous, most likely criminals, and able to codename themselves!

Caitlyn and Jay
Caitlyn + Jay
There are many complaints that Caitlyn is getting over Ronnie way too quickly. I agree, but I don’t think the romantic feelings that Caitlyn clearly have for Jay are fully directed towards Jay. I believe that Caitlyn sees Jay as somewhat of a substitute Ronnie. Think about the similarities – brilliant scientists, full of drive, and willing to sacrifice themselves for a cause they believe in. Oh, and handsome. It’s likely that she’s directing those feelings towards Jay!

Of every love relationship explored so far, I think this is the unlikeliest to EVER happen.

Also, even though it’s only been 2 weeks since we found out about Ronnie’s death, don’t forget that it’s been slightly more than 6 months for her.

Blood is Thicker than Ice:
Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) and Lisa Snart (Golden Glider)
A brother that will do anything to protect his sister, including killing the guy responsible for his sister’s life threatening situation. Sounds familiar?
Oliver + Thea

Barry and Joe

Barry + JoeThe best father-son relationship ever! Joe West has been giving sagely advice to both Iris and Barry pretty much the whole of the series’ run, and this time, it was finally Barry giving Joe advice. Not only was it a very emotional scene, it served as a reminder that Joe had been a rock in Barry’s life. In Barry’s own words, he could become a villain without him! Like Zoom? Or like this scene from Season 1’s finale:
Barry in Jail - Flash Finale

Iris and Joe
Iris + Joe
Joe decided to tell his daughter the truth in one episode. Iris accepts the truth, and understands what her father has been trying to do, and forgives him. In one episode. Can somebody tell the Lances and Queens to watch The Flash?

Snart Siblings and Dad
This ties in with what Barry says: if Leonard Snart had a better role model, would he still turn out to be a career criminal? Louis Snart is not only a cold-blooded killer, but he has zero qualms about trading his daughter’s life for a successful heist. Little wonder that Cold turned out like this. However, Barry is trying to get Cold to turn good, and we’re pretty sure he’s gonna be successful… somewhat.

"Dammit, Barry--how many times am I supposed to break out of prison?!"
“Dammit, Barry–how many times am I supposed to break out of prison?!”

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P.S., if you haven’t watched the Legends of Tomorrow trailer yet… you really should:

[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

Literally spoilers of the shows, no qualms at all. I’ve tried my best to keep the above review less-spoilerish, but no such mercy here.

Unlikely Trio
When Barry met Louis Snart, Barry christens himself Sam. That, is a double Easter Egg. Michael Ironside, the actor playing Louis Snart, goes by Sam in two other titles: Sam Fisher, protagonist of the Splinter Cell series, and Sam Lane, father of Lois Lane in Smallville. He also voice acted as Darkseid in Superman: The Animated Series!

Blue Firestorm
Blue Firestorm
My hunch about Martin Stein is right: he needs to find a partner to join him in forming Firestorm. His body seems unable to handle the matrix, as evidenced by his spontaneous combustion into Blue Firestorm. I have no idea what’s going on.

Harrison. Freaking. Wells.
Harrison Freaking Wells
I have no idea if he’s good or evil, but my body is ready. Also, I would like to mention the fact that even though the writers basically ended this episode the same as the last—Martin Stein losing control, and Eobardwells—AND I AM STILL HYPED.

Cadmus Labs
One more thing, this isn’t from the episode, but from a Twitter account named @FlashTVNews:

Comics book readers would recall Project Cadmus as a recurring entity in the pages of Superman-related comics and being the cause behind the creation of characters like Golden Guardian (a clone of the original Guardian who may or may not be linked to Diggle over in Arrow), Auron and, most famously, Superboy himself. While it seems unlikely that Cadmus would play a similar role here in The Flash, any fan would know it’s best not to put anything past the show’s writers.

Also, fans of Smallville would recognize the name Cadmus Labs, a science research facility owned by Lionel Luthor. Also, hydrogen sulfide is used to “separate deuterium oxide, or heavy water, from normal water via the Girdler sulfide process” according to Wikipedia. (Sorry, I’m not exactly a genius scientist.) If I recall, a certain Jay Garrick got his powers from heavy water…

Next week, on The Flash:

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