The Flash of Two Worlds

Jay Garrick's Good Looks
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More multiversal geekery!
Loving the Cisco and Prof. Stein scenes
Hi, Patty!
To Let Go
Are we killing everyone now? Isn't there like some secret underground facility where they stored... Jay?!

There can be only one.

Well, not in comic books, and certainly not in today’s episode of The Flash.

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The amount of things that were going on with this episode was just ridiculous. Do yourself a favour and watch it. With so many easter eggs, references, theories and what not, the episode still managed to weave a tight narrative, providing quick-paced storytelling with subtle pokes and jabs at how the future might turn out.

We got a pretty in-depth introduction of Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth-Two, and a host of other new characters, powers and some familiar faces. Spoiler alert: Barry finally gets the lightning throwing power that the producers have been teasing for some time—and it was killer… quite literally.
The FLASH!However, I was hoping to see Barry Allen shout out “The Flash!” every time he threw lightning, a la Shazam, but unfortunately, not all wishes come true. Nevertheless, having a long-range weapon in his arsenal could prove to be useful against the upcoming metas, and as Cisco would say, who wouldn’t want to see more Zeus?

Also, is this week’s Freak of the Week, Sand Demon, dead? I’m not entirely sure what’s happening, but Team Flash seems to be slightly trigger-happy when it comes to cold-blooded murder. While I’m still sure that last week’s Atom Smasher is actually still alive, this week’s poor sod seems to be done for good.
Sand DemonWhile sufficient heat such as lightning does turn sand into glass, there was literally a whole conversation revolving around how the “sand” was living cells that simply exhibit sand-like properties… meaning Barry might have actually killed? This seems to have been overlooked by the writers in their eagerness to showcase the Flash’s new lightning powers.

Regardless, I’m glad that they decided to use a minor comic adversary this as opposed to last week’s underwhlming use of Atom Smasher, who was given an extremely disappointing introduction… and send-off? No, seriously, are these people dead or not?

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[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

Patty Spivot

Meet Patty
Meet Patty
The first new face you’ll see is Patty Spivot! In the current New 52/post-Convergence line of comic books, Patty Spivot is actually Barry Allen’s partner, both in the crime lab and outside of it. Yup, another love interest for Barry Allen. For two people who know they are going to get married in 2024, both Iris and Barry seem pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. Anyway, judging by how sparks were clearly flying between the two (auuuuugh!), expect to see more awkward love triangles!

Jay Garrick

That jawline...
That jawline…
Oh, where do I start on this very handsome man? Caitlyn seems to think so that way too, giving him some very thinly veiled killer advice on how to adjust to a new life. I’m sort of lukewarm about how this slightly-more-than-friends relationship will play out, because, let’s face, Ronnie’s obviously not really dead and do we really need another love triangle?

Also, I like how Jay Garrick seems to have lost his powers entering Earth-One, much like how Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Eobardwells lost his speed when he entered our world. Good move overall—I think having two allied speedsters in the show might draw the limelight away from Barry. However, I doubt this is a permanent state (how long before Cisco figure Jay could be powered the same way Eobard did?), and I look forward to seeing the two Flashes high-speed combination.

Also, the other good guy that kept calling his protégé kid?


Flash of Two Worlds

Yeap, they did that.

Getting Bad Vibes
Cisco seems to have some idea on how to control his powers, and without his valuable input, Patty Spivot and the Flashes might have been in very dangerous positions. He seems to be afraid that his powers would corrupt him, much like Harrison Wells, and this fear might make for some interesting drama later into the season.

Also, let’s not forget that Cisco’s codename in the comics is Vibe.

Zooming around 52 Portals
ZoomWe caught a glimpse of Zoom, and I would say he looks fairly skeletal. Black Flash, anybody? I have a hunch that Zoom might be the Barry Allen of Earth-Two, considering Professor Stein’s explaining painstakingly how there are multiple versions of everybody.

Rusching in Jason?

Remember Jason Rusch?
Remember Jason Rusch?
Speaking of Professor Stein, his collapse at the end might suggest that he needs to find a new partner for Firestorm, and fast. Perhaps this might be an opportunity to bring in Jason Rusch as the other half of Firestorm?

After all, Jason has already appeared in the first season of The Flash played by Luc Roderique.

Harrison Wells
Harrison WellsHe’s alive! Probably the Earth-Two version of Harrison Wells, but you never know with Eobardwells. Speedster or saviour? We just have to wait and find out.

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