The Flash Season 2 Premiere Moves Forward

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Moving Forward
It's great that while the sacrifices and losses of season 1 have not been forgotten, the show moves on using the 6 month gap wisely
And Backward
With Zoom being a lingering villain, hopefully the other freaks get a chance to shine
Is a week really 7 days long?

The days spent waiting for Season 2 of The Flash have been long and agonising. But as Barry Allen said, “No, it’ll be here faster than we think.” Indeed it has, and it’s some smashing good stuff.

That's me watching the show!
That’s me watching the show!
Episode 1 was undeniably cramped – many of the loose ends from Season 1 had to be tied up, and this episode also sets up what the rest of Season 2 will bring.

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Both Atom Smasher (Adam Joseph Copeland, better known as the wrestler Edge from WWE) and Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) from the Justice Society of America appear, effectively confirming that Earth-Two, where all your favourite Golden Age heroes and villains reside, have crashed-landed. Expect to see more of them as the season goes on.

"Stop calling me Bane! I didn't steal this costume!"
“Stop calling me Bane! I didn’t steal this costume!”

"See, my mask allows me to speak clearly."
“See, and my mask allows me to speak clearly.”
Although Atom Smasher, real name Albert Rothstein, is a heroic figure in the comics (and the godson of the original Atom, Al Pratt), he’s the first Freak of the Week in Season 2! He looks to be driven to desperation stuck in this foreign land, and simply wants to go back home. Although he appears to die from absorbing atomic power equivalent to a small Sun, I doubt he’s in the grave just yet. Also, his appearance was rushed and too short for my liking, with him barely exhibiting any personality.

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Jay Garrick is, however, a bona fide badass. He’s likely taking over Harrison Wells’ role as Barry’s mentor, and being the first ever Flash to have appeared in the comics, there is really no other person more suited than him. In the comics, he gained his powers in a chemistry lab, breathing in hard water vapours, fainting, and waking up with super speed… and, no, this doesn’t actually work, so don’t try this at home. He’s also pretty much the first superhero to wear a fricking hat and forgoes the mask while he fights crime. (He simply vibrates his face so that nobody can get a clear view of him, much like how Barry did in Season 1 when facing Iris West.)

Besides all that, another villain for Season 2 is already revealed – Zoom! You can watch him zooming around here:

For those unfamiliar with Zoom, here’s a brief history: Zoom, a.k.a. Hunter Zolomon, is basically Wally West’s (the third Flash, after Jay Garrick and Barry Allen) very own Reverse-Flash, much like how Barry has Eobard Thawne. The son of a serial killer, Zolomon was driven to study criminology and psychology in order to understand people like his father and even found employ as a profiler for the FBI. However, a few mishaps occur and his father-in-law is killed, leaving him with a damaged knee and jobless.

Eventually arriving in Keystone City and meeting the Flash, he was attacked by Grodd and was paralysed from the waist down. Adamant at regaining the use of his legs, Zolomon asked the Flash to turn back the timeline using the Cosmic Treadmill, but the Flash was worried at the potential damage it would cause to the timeline. Thus, Zolomon used the treadmill himself, and it caused him to be displaced from the timeline, allowing him to control the speed of time around him, effectively giving him superspeed. Adopting the identity of Zoom, he decided to dedicate his life to making Wally West’s life a living hell.

Given his Earth-Two origin and links to the Golden Age’s Flash, it’s safe to assume that his origin will be a tad different in the show. Also, his costume’s blue and not yellow.

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All in all, pretty much everything that made me fall in love with The Flash was there – Cisco Ramon’s quips, the chemistry within Team Flash, the constant awkwardness between Iris West and Barry, the wonderful relationship between Joe West and Barry, Caitlyn Snow being hot and of course, The Flash kicking serious butt. Also, how cool were these:


The white does make the lightning just pop!
The white does make the lightning just pop!
If I were to have any complaints, it would be with Atom Smasher being underused, and Ronnie’s “death” (only Uncle Ben stays dead) seemingly written 5 minutes before they started filming. (Like, we’ve all seen the trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, right?) But it may be understandable given Robbie Amell’s attachment to the new season of The X-Files.

For now, let’s just hope that The Flash keeps moving forward.

Next week on The Flash: