The Eynes Anthology – A Kickstarter Horror Comic Believing in Team Play!

In the cold, never-ending struggle of independent comics creation, alliances can be hard to come by. With so many creators wanting to get their work out there, it is inevitable that some turn on their brethren, cannibalising each other in an attempt to gain a stepping stone toward success. And if social media didn’t already make the competition tougher, crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter have made the race to fame all the more intense with actual financial resources at the end of the tunnel.

Thankfully, men like John Horsley exist.

John’s mission is simple: a horror and action anthology comic series following the lives and adventures of the Eynes family. A family that, as John puts it, “has been a magnet for all manner of supernatural occurrences.”

And the Winchesters thought they had it tough.

Announcing his initiative on comic book Facebook groups a good two years ago, John focused his efforts on building a network of writers and artists interested in contributing to his expansive–and still growing–world. Finally settling on the first ten stories that would come to be known as Volume One, the anthology would be representative of the works of 20 talents from all around the world and be funded by way of a Kickstarter campaign.

62% in on a modest US$4’500 goal, The Eynes Anthology Book 1 is a promising start with a diverse range of art styles and story genres meeting in the pages of this 64-page volume.

Moreover, the Kickstarter campaign features well-priced rewards with a PDF copy of the entire volume beginning at only US$10. The physical edition is available at US$20, if you’re willing to handle the shipping, too. But with other books thrown in for good measure at the US$40 tier, and original art US$50, the shipping may be a worthy investment for collectors.

With over 20 days left, the campaign is sure to hit its target, but with certain reward tiers featuring limited availability, be sure to get in on the pledging on Kickstarter soon!

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