The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom – A Captivating and Versatile Expansion

Captivating storyline
Versatile Arcanist class
More than 30 hours of new content
Anything would really be nitpicking

Every year adventurers in Tamriel prepare for the next major content expansion in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Like a well-established tradition, June brings with it a sense of excitement, signalling the arrival of the MMO’s latest expansion.

This year, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, beckons players to the eastern lands of Morrowind, where intrigue and mystery intertwine in a captivating journey. As with its predecessors, Necrom not only builds upon the existing world of ESO but also introduces a plethora of content to keep players enthralled.

From a captivating new character class to stunning new areas and companions, Necrom is a truly worthy addition to The Elder Scrolls Online.

The new Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online saga introduces two new zones to explore, a brand-new class (Arcanist) to master, and a sinister plot to uncover that threatens reality itself.

Setting the stage for an epic adventure, Necrom commences with you becoming entwined with the enigmatic Daedric Prince, Hermaeus Mora – the Prince of Secrets. This meeting sets in motion a series of events that involve confronting an ominous threat that looms over both Oblivion and Nirn.

Fans of The Elder Scrolls series are no strangers to the unpredictable nature of Daedric Princes, and the story in Necrom certainly lives up to this reputation. The tale unfolds with unpredictable twists and turns, and players will find themselves emotionally invested in the quest to uncover hidden truths.

The emphasis on storytelling and lore, a hallmark of the franchise, is masterfully executed in Necrom, making it one of the most gratifying ESO storylines.

However, the heart of Necrom lies not only in its narrative but also in the innovative gameplay additions it brings to the table. At the centre of these additions stands the new character class – the Arcanist.

The Arcanist has the ability to Tank, Heal, or Blast away.

Versatility is the defining feature of this class, as players can tailor their Arcanist to become adept healers, resilient tanks, or potent DPS dealers.

ESO’s hallmark has always been the versatility of its classes, and how they adapt to the player’s style rather than absolutes – Spellcasters are glass cannons and Fighters are meat shields. The Arcanist is a testament to the freedom to build your own character – and for RPG purists, create your own story.

The Arcanist’s unique resource mechanic, known as the Crux System, adds a layer of depth to the gameplay. Spells generate Crux, which can then be expended on other abilities, enabling strategic decision-making and rewarding players who master the intricacies of the class.

As a result, playing as the Arcanist becomes a joyous experience, with its powerful area-of-effect spells proving invaluable in both solo and group scenarios.

The flexibility of the Arcanist elevates it beyond a mere addition; it becomes an essential cornerstone of the ESO experience, enticing players to experiment with new playstyles and forge their paths.

The addition of companions to ESO was an innovation introduced a couple of years ago, bringing a touch of single-player Elder Scrolls charm to the vast MMO world.

Necrom introduces two new companions: the Redguard Arcanist Azander Al-Cybiades and the Argonian warden Sharp-As-Night. These companions offer not only practical assistance in battles but also infuse the game with rich character backstories and motives for getting involved with the player.

Their recruitment quests, which can take around twenty to thirty minutes each, offer glimpses into their individual worlds and make the effort of acquiring them a gratifying experience.

Each companion adds depth to the world, making players feel more connected to the people they meet and the adventures they undertake. Indeed, the companions’ stories often serve as a highlight of the expansion, leaving players eager to learn more about the intricacies of their lives.

Recruit a Redguard Arcanist and Argonian Warden to battle by your side.

As players traverse the new areas introduced in Necrom, they are met with breathtaking landscapes that evoke a sense of wonder and awe. The Telvannia Peninsula, with its colossal mushrooms reminiscent of Vvardenfell, serves as a fantastical environment ripe for exploration.

The architectural marvels in Apocrypha pay homage to the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora and perfectly align with the expansion’s theme.

These visually striking designs immerse players in the world, enticing them to wander through uncharted territories and discover hidden secrets. ESO has never been short of beautiful landscapes, but Necrom takes it a step further, offering areas that are not only visually appealing but also rich with lore and atmosphere.

Adding to the expansion’s allure is the inclusion of new group-oriented content. The 12-player battle called Sanity’s Edge takes players on a journey inside a mage’s mind, where reality is twisted into nightmarish abominations.

This challenging and dynamic encounter promises epic battles and valuable rewards for those who dare to enter. Additionally, for players who prefer smaller groups, world events like Bastion Nymic provide engaging content for up to four players, delving into closely-guarded Daedric secrets.

Elder-Scrolls-Online-Necrom-Sanity Edge
Venture into Sanity’s Edge.

Since its inception, ESO has gone through several evolutions, continually adapting and expanding its universe to keep players engaged. Necrom exemplifies the commitment to delivering new, high-quality content to players year after year.

With each expansion, ESO manages to transcend expectations, breathing new life into the almost decade-old game.

To the delight of long-time players and newcomers alike, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom offers an expansion that checks all the boxes for a compelling MMO experience.

The introduction of the versatile Arcanist class adds new dimensions to gameplay, making it feel refreshing and immersive. The story of Necrom masterfully weaves an unpredictable and emotionally investing tale, drawing players into the unfolding events.

Furthermore, the addition of the two new companions, as well as the visually enchanting areas, further elevates the expansion’s overall appeal.

Necrom’s successful execution cements its place as a memorable chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online’s history, showcasing that there are still many adventures to be had in the vast and ever-expanding world of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is now live on PC/Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.