The APC Easy UPS BVX 700 VA Keeps You Running At The Most Critical Moments

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Compact form factor
USB charging port
Easy set up
Full recharge takes 8 hours

As the lines between home and office continue to blur, our needs continue to change. Ironically, a very important aspect of our lives is the most overlooked  – power. The APC Easy UPS BVX 700VA keeps your systems running and safe at the most critical moments.

Power drives almost everything in our homes. It is easy to forget that while it is needed to make things work, it can just as easily damage your electronics when fluctuations occur.

While they might not happen regularly, corroded cabling, overloaded circuits and natural factors such as thunder, lightning, fallen trees and heavy rains can cause power fluctuations that can cause damage to your home, or office, systems. This is where uninterruptible power sources (UPS) are needed.

The APC Easy UPS BVX 700 VA is designed to protect devices that are sensitive to damage caused by power disturbances by providing clean and stable battery power when power fluctuates outside safe levels.


Easy and intuitive to set up right out of the box, the APC Easy UPS BVX 700 VA doesn’t take up much space at 13.8 cm x 9.8 cm x 31 cm. At the front of the UPS, you will see a power button and a USB Type-A charging port that you can use to keep your mobile devices powered.

At the rear of the enclosure, you have 2 battery backup outlets with surge protection, where you can connect computers, routers, modems and other essentials. A green LED light on the front lets you know that the UPS is ready to go.

Once plugged in, your connected devices will not only be protected from surges that can cause harm to components within your devices, but also continue to keep them running in the event power is lost.

Keep in mind though that the APC Easy UPS BVX 700 VA is not meant to be a long-term portable power solution. It is designed to provide you with enough time to properly power off your components and save your work. The amount of time it can last totally depends on the power that the connected components require.


Able to deliver a maximum output of 360W, APC  has engineered the Easy UPS BVX 700 VA to power an entry-level desktop PC with a 20″ LED monitor, internet modem and router that requires 40W of power for about 50 minutes.

The amount of time the battery can continue to provide power before it is drained becomes significantly lesser the more power is required – 20 minutes for 79W, 10.5 minutes for 119W and 1.6 minutes for 240W.

Our test with our main editing suite that requires around 300W of power saw the UPS last for about 1.5 minutes. Which gave us just enough time to properly shut down the desktop and all the other connected components – high-end desktop, two monitors, LED lighting and powered speakers.

To ensure that you have a fully charged battery when you need it, the APC Easy UPS BVX 700 VA uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) that instantly corrects incoming power without using the battery until, and only when, it is required. A full recharge takes about 8 hours.

The APC Easy UPS BVX series is also available at more powerful 900VA and 1200VA models. However, while they provide more backup power, neither have a USB charging port. All UPS in the series come with a 2-year warranty.

Available at around SGD 100, the APC Easy UPS BVX 700 VA is a cost-effective solution to give you an added layer of protection for your workstations or gaming rigs.