The Accountant – Ben Affleck Proves Why He’s The Batman

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Brilliant cast!
Simple story with a script that makes it work
Affleck and Kendrick make for some fun screen time
The ending can be a little jarring...
Flashbacks could be better used

If ever you had doubts that Ben Affleck would make an awesome Batman (and I don’t blame any doubters in this post-Batman V Superman world), The Accountant certainly puts it to rest.

While Affleck has had many opportunities to flex his acting and directing chops in the recent years of his career, The Accountant is one of the few movie he’s done allowing him to exercise himself as a character actor, raw action star, and even as a pretty awesome comedian.

The Accountant, however, highlights today’s films’ true enemy: marketing. For those of you who have seen the trailer (check it out below), it’s a well-presented moment of revelation that Ben Affleck’s character is more than just a books and numbers pencil pusher.

It’s bad enough that the trailer then goes on to spoil that the character is, in fact, some manner of an assassin and is pretty damn badass. But worse is that the poster skips the set up and goes straight to “here’s the twist, now you don’t really need to watch the movie.”

Nevertheless, the strong script rises above a relatively simple plot (preventing the movie from turning into a bloated mess), and allows for the audience to relish the many nuances to Affleck’s acting. And once you take into account co-stars J. K. Simmons, Jeffrey Tambor, and Jon Bernthal, you just know that the movie’s off the charts in terms of on screen talent.

Surprisingly, however, is that the actor with most chemistry with Affleck is actually Anna Kendrick. While this could be attributed to the fact that she does get most screen time with him, it’s really her easy enthusiasm for just about any role that she plays that works best with Affleck’s stiff, uncomfortable personality.

Ultimately, the only problem with The Accountant is really only visible at the end when an attempt at tying up a loose plot thread (which you don’t even really notice) ends up making things feel a little too… convenient. Perhaps more could have been done to develop on that.

But, hey, watch it and figure it out for yourselves. At least it’s a fun as hell flick!

The Accountant releases on the 13th of October.