The 2021 Feng Shui Travel Guide to Staycations in Singapore

2020 was the year when we missed the thrill of searching and planning for a holiday or a quick escape. With all that’s been said and done, we made the best of it. Now it’s high time to usher the Year of the Ox with open arms and all the good fortune it has in store in the year ahead.

To help you make the best of your travels (be it domestic or international) in the new year, Expedia teamed up with Hong Kong Feng Shui Master, Tasha Tse, to develop a comprehensive Feng Shui Travel Guide for 2021.

Beyond providing recommendations on the best places to visit and the activities you can engage in, this year’s guide also offers tips on your best travel companions, ideal travel month and best travel directions for love, career and wealth based on an analysis of the five elements and compass directions.

So, read on to find out how you can maximise good fortune in the Year of the Ox before booking a CNY staycation specials for the coming Chinese New Year long weekend.


Year of Birth: 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948

Best Months to Travel: January, September, November, December

2021 Travel Fortune Predictions

2021 will be a promising year for the Rat. Entering into a year of “He Tai Sui” (meaning the union with Tai Sui, the grand commander of the Chinese zodiac), this sign will experience a prosperous year and receive assistance from benefactors, helping them to succeed in different aspects. The Rat will also be looked after by the auspicious Wen Chang star (the Intellectual star).

Best Travel Consideration According to the Five Elements – Water

Water governs the sign of the Rat. It is recommended that you take relaxing trips this year, such as going on a cruise or visiting historical places – the older, the better. Visiting historical significance places can help promote your luck and focus, allowing you to pay more attention to matters more precisely and thoroughly while helping you improve your work relationships and inspire you to shape your plans.

Best Travel Companions – Ox

Your best travel companion is the Ox. As the Ox is your Secret Friend, it is more likely for the two of you to strengthen your friendship through travel than to run into arguments when travelling. You may also consider travelling with the Monkey and the Dragon. Although the Monkey tends to be quick-tempered and the Dragon tends to be manipulative, your easy-going personality makes you compatible with them. You may also get some new inspiration when travelling with them.

Lucky Directions

Promote Career Growth and Improves Health: North Boost Wealth: South

Attract Love: West

Attract Marriage and Improves Fertility: East

Hotel Recommendations by Expedia

With the year ahead, why not take a moment to appreciate the past on your next staycay? We recommend going for a staycation at Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Capitol Kempinski Hotel or Singapore Barracks Hotel Sentosa – one of the few hotels that have been restored to preserve its rich history.