Thanos Battles Nova in Infinity Gauntlet #1!

Secret War’s Warzones deals with the greatest cosmic artefact in Infinity Gauntlet #1! From creators Gerry Duggan (Deadpool, ) and Dustin Weaver (Edge of Spider-Verse), comes an explosive tale of life, death, family and survival.

Welcome to New Xandar to the south of Battleworld. Once a beautiful city-state, an invasion from a neighboring zone has left it a barren post-apocalyptic mess. In this hellish wasteland, Anwen Bakian and her family struggle and claw to survive. Mom left years ago to join the Nova Force, only she never came back. Now it’s just Anwen, her dad, sister and grandfather – all alone in a realm dominated by giant killer insects. Until she finds a mysterious stone that may or may not unlocks incredible cosmic power! Only, now she’ll find herself begin hunted by those who seek the stone for their own – including the madman known as Thanos! Witness the beginning of a hero’s journey as Duggan and Weaver flip the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe on its ear when the gauntlet is thrown!

Infinity Gauntlet #1
Written by Dustin Weaver and Gerry Duggan
Art & Cover by Dustin Weaver
Variant Covers by Adi Granov, and Skottie Young
On Sale 27th May