Celebrate International Thank You Day by #justsayingThankYou

Thank You – Two very simple, but powerful, words with the ability to brighten up someone’s day in an instant. Two words when said right, can convey warmth, love, gratitude or even just simple courtesy and kindness.

So why is it so hard for us to say these two words? It’s not because we’re not courteous but maybe because sometimes we are so caught up with everything else that going on around us, such as work and school, that we just don’t take the time to express our thanks.

Let’s take the time to thank those that have made a difference in our lives. Be it a loved one, a teacher that had an impact years ago or the ones that work quietly and unnoticed like the ‘cleaning auntie’ at your local coffee-shop. And we took to the streets of Singapore to do just that!

Let’s make someones day. Let’s starts a movement. Let’s Just Say THANK YOU!


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