susGain, The Sustainability Rewards App That Wants You To Do Good, Sleep Good

Sleep deprivation is a phenomenon faced by millions worldwide. And Singapore is no exception. Numerous studies over the years have found that Singapore is home to many half-awake zombies and those with semi-permanent “panda eyes.”

Most recently YouGov noted that only 27% of people in Singapore get enough sleep. Sustainability app, susGain, hopes that by making living and consuming sustainably easier, Singapore’s residents can get themselves more shut eye.

Do good, feel good, sleep good – that is the formula Singapore’s sustainability rewards app, susGain is putting into play. It’s common knowledge that feeling good can help one relax more easily and lead to better sleep. And what better way to achieve that than doing good for the whole world – by living sustainably.

Through the susGain app, users can ensure they’re making purchases that are eco conscious; spending their hard-earned dough on worthy and notable causes. Users will gain more control over their eco-footprints and are empowered to live, eat, and shop more sustainably.

If commonly held beliefs on sleep are to be believed, expressing care and concern for the environment means susGain users will feel good and by extension, sleep good.

“We want to empower people and help them take that first step towards a more fulfilling life by living more sustainably. We know that most of us feel immense stress in our lives which affects overall sleeping habits. And the best way to counter this is to increase our wellbeing by helping those around us,” said Carolin Barr, Founder of susGain.

“susGain helps promote eco and socially conscious actions through the use of a familiar app-based rewards system. Leveraging the power of gamification and loyalty rewards, we want to make sustainable living simple yet impactful.”

Knowing that they are helping the planet and the community, gratified users can sleep in peace and content. It is as easy as A, B, C or in this case… ZZZ.

At the end of the day, susGain aims to help pave the way to better sleep. Going the extra mile for the greater good, is the solution to our fluctuating mood. And who knows, maybe doing a little good deed, is what we need for better Zs.

Scan the QR code and redeem a tree.

From now till 28 April, when you scan the QR code above, it will direct you to a landing page within the app to redeem a tree, planted on your behalf in Biak Island, Indonesia.