BREAKING: First Look At Superman For CW’s Supergirl

It was only a matter of time before Superman appeared on television alongside his cousin in the ongoing Supergirl series.

While repeatedly teased by way of red-blue blurs (remember Smallville?) and text messages from Clark Kent, big blue never actually showed up on the show.

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With recent casting news of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman on the show, now on CW instead of CBS, the masterminds behind the DCTV universe have seen fit to let us catch a glimpse of the characters in their red and blue duds!

Check it out!
Supergirl & Superman
Frankly, I’m not a fan of Hoechlin’s look. Something about him just doesn’t scream heroic, to me.

That being said, Henry Cavill has the perfect features for Superman and yet both of his stabs at it has been pretty much a Kryptonite spear in the heart of a poorly written plot point. So maybe Hoechlin just may pull it off if given a proper script.

As for the costume itself, I’m not digging the unnecessarily textured boots or almost-yellow-less belt, but I’m guessing that’s mostly in an attempt to make things fit with the recent costume changes as seen in the comics. Either ways, it’s a better interpretation than the Man of Steel rendition and looks somewhat like a improved version of the costume seen in Superman Returns (though I preferred the boots from the movie).

Also, between Flash, Arrow and Supergirl, I’m a little tired of all of these super textured costumes. I get that a certain dose of realism is injected into all of these otherwise-spandex looks, but I think there could be other solutions to it–much like the Spider-Man costumes of the Raimi trilogy or the MCU.

Nevertheless, at this point, I’d just be happy with a competent portrayal of Superman, and despite Supergirl‘s only okay first season, I’d say the writers have by and large nailed the character thus far, so I’m all for checking out Hoechlin’s take on the Man of Tomorrow!