Supergirl vs. Fanboys and Bad Boys – How Does She Do It?

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She Does It Well!
Good humour!
Hank Henshaw is promising
Cat Grant,hell yeah!
Not Quite
Very 'meh' story
A little heavy on the feminist tones
(I mean, we get it, she's a woman, but you'v already won us over, k?)

*Note: While chronologically the 4th episode, this was pushed to being the 5th due to the similarities to recent terror attacks. The reviews, however, remain in order.

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I like Supergirl. Evidently, I’m not the only one.
Carter Fanboying
Both Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant’s son, Carter, seem to have developed similar obsessions with her. Carter is simply a lovestruck boy, and honestly, he brought across the “innocent kid meeting their superhero” convincingly, and surprisingly, had a couple of actually funny lines!

Maxwell Lord on the other hand… suffice to say, he is simply not villainous enough. Lacking the sociopathic tendencies of the Flash’s Eobardwells, the monstrous attitude of Zoom, or the sinister threat that is Damien Darhk, Maxwell Lord has got to be DCTV’s weakest end boss villain yet.
Maxwell Lord
His scenes with Alex felt uneasy at best: perhaps the only scene he was good in was the last conversation with Supergirl, explaining how the various bombs were essentially testing her upper limits.

Another problem with this episode was simply the order it was aired in. Yes, I get the sensitive underlying issues, with the terror theme that this episode took. However, purely from a “good television” point of view, it wasn’t very entertaining to watch relationships build up when you already know what they were culminating into beforehand. Therefore, I strongly suggest you watch the episodes in the actual order, and it might be better for you.
Here for 2 Mins and Still Gives the Best Advice
Also, this show heavily suffers from a lack of Cat Grant. Just like how Livewire was the best episode, with the most Cat Grant, this episode was the weakest, with the least Cat Grant. Calista Flockhart brings an air of superiority, charm, and the ability to deliver cheesy one liners without sounding, well, cheesy! Also, as a surrogate Supergirl mentor, she’s honestly doing more than James Olsen will ever do.

Speaking about James Olsen… Mehcad Brooks is not a bad actor, but I’m just so totally uninterested in his character. He’s literally there so that Wynn can’t get Kara to look at him. Really, that’s his whole role in the show. Lucy Lane also seems to purely exist so that James Olsen would hesitate to ask Kara out.
Lucy LaneRomance is certainly not this show’s strong suit: people seem to get together for the most contrived reasons. Usually I tolerate love triangles if it’s to develop the characters, but James Olsen hasn’t grown up a day.

Also, predictable story is predictable. Welp, at least there was some good stuff:
Hank Henshaw
Hank Henshaw showing off more of his powers, yet still remaining unexplained. If done well, Hank Henshaw could become the main bad guy. Considering Peter Facinelli’s turn as Maxwell Lord, this could be for the better.

The effects are pretty good so far. It’s still not Flash-level yet, but they are still pretty decent for a TV show.
Sad Wynn
Wynn is good. I like Wynn. Wynn is relatable. Especially since now he’s a gamer, a toy collector, and seems to always get rejected by the girl he likes. Even when getting rejected in the face, Jeremy Jordan still manages to be witty. Good on you! (/foreveralone)

Overall, this episode was slightly disappointing for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it, but that could be because I am a massive geek. (Correction: it’s because I am a massive geek.) Let’s just hope that this remains the worst episode of the season, and we would all be happy viewers.

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“Orphans don’t get over things easily.”
Like a certain someone we all know?
“Her legs.”
Good one Carter, good one.
Although I have to agree…